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How to Clean Nail Clippers – 7 Steps to Get Those Nail Cutters Clean

We use nail clippers to trim both our fingernails and toenails. Usually in a common household, they only have one set of nail clippers. If these nail clippers are not properly cleaned, these can spread bacteria or fungus among the family members.  It is important then to clean nail clippers and it only takes a few minutes to do it. Here are the steps on how to clean nail clippers after each use to kill the germs at once.

Clean Nail Clippers

Clean Nail Clippers

Step # 1: Prepare some materials.

Prepare the following that you may need such as bowl, liquid dish soap, hot water, rubbing alcohol and paper towels. These are essentials to keep nail clippers clean.

Step # 2: Make a cleaning agent.

Boil water and once this is hot, pour it in a bowl. One cup is enough. You can add 2 drops of liquid dish soap into the hot water and then stir thoroughly to mix it.

Step # 3: Soak the nail clippers in the mixture.

Soak the nail clippers into the bowl and allow them to stay there for 10 minutes.  You can move them once in a while before taking them out from the water. This will help remove the dirt from the nail clippers.

Step # 4: Rinse the nail clippers.

After taking out the nail clippers from the bowl, throw the water away. Then rinse the nail clippers under a faucet of running water.

Step # 5: Use rubbing alcohol.

Put some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel then use it to wipe down the nail clippers. This procedure will disinfect the nail clippers after which they are ready for next use.

Step # 6: Use dry paper towel.

After wiping them with rubbing alcohol, wipe them next with a dry paper towel to dry them. If they are left wet, there is a chance of getting rust.

Step # 7: Alternative to cleaning nail clippers

Prepare a small sauce pan or a pot, water, liquid soap, cotton rag, rubbing alcohol, cotton swab and a clean dish towel.  Put 2-3 cups of water in the pot or sauce pan then heat it over a stove. Just pour enough water to fully submerge the nail clippers plus an additional of about quarter of an inch. Just let the water get warm, you don’t need to have it boiling.

Once the water is warm, remove the pot over the stove. Then submerge the nail clippers directly into the pot of warm water. Add 3 to 4 drops of liquid soap into the warm water. Let the nail clippers soak in the warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes.

When you are done with the soaking, take out the nail clippers and dry them with a clean dish towel or a rag. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a cotton swab and wipe the swab on the entire surface of the clippers. This is used to disinfect the nail clippers to kill the germs immediately. Lastly, dry the nail clippers with the rag and wipe off all alcohol and water. Make sure the nail clippers are dry enough so that it will not rust.

It is easy cleaning nail clippers. Make sure you have them cleaned so as not to cause problems to those who will make use of these clippers later on.


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