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How to Stop Nail Biting with Liquids – 6 Steps to Discourage this Habit

One habit that is very hard to break is nail biting. The causes of this are anxiety, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, frustration and depression. Some manufacturers think of developing some products that can help nail biters to stop this habit. Some liquid solutions are out in the market which can be used to discourage biting. These liquid solutions are applied directly to the nail, coating them with an unpleasant bitter taste. Once the nail biter unconsciously bites his nails, he will automatically remove his fingers from his mouth once he tastes the unpleasant flavor of his nails.

Stop Nail Biting with Liquids

Stop Nail Biting with Liquids

Step # 1: Clean your hands.

Use hand soap and water to thoroughly clean your hands giving special attention to the cuticle area. After cleaning your hands, gently pat them dry using a clean towel. Nail biting will allow more germs from the mouth going to the broken skin of the nail. It is necessary then to apply an antibacterial product to any broken skin to prevent these germs in entering the broken skin.

Step # 2: Trim your nails.

Trim your nails using a clean nail clipper and then file any hangnails with a nail file. File also uneven edges from the nails by moving the file in a repetitive motion. Do not move the file back and forth because this will only cause further damage to the nails.

Step # 3: Moisturize the nail bed.

So as to prevent continued cracking from dry nail beds, you need to apply a moisturizing cuticle cream. Gently rub the cream onto the nail beds and let the skin absorb the cream.

Step # 4: Wash your hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly and pat them dry. This is to remove any remaining cream residue that had been left on the nails. This is to give way to proper application of liquid anti-nail biting solution.

Step # 5: Apply clear nail polish.

You are now ready to apply a clear polish to the nails that has a bitter taste. A few examples of these are Orly No Bite, Control-it, Zeva No Bite and Mavala Stop Nail Biting. If there are any side effect that you may experience with these products you can try using traditional clear-coated polish. Let the polish dry thoroughly at least 30 minutes per coat.

Step # 6: Additional coats of nail polish (this is the liquid solution to stop nail biting)

You can apply additional coats of the nail polish if necessary until the urge to bite nails stop. These nail polishes can actually influence you to stop this bad habit. These are considered the liquid solutions that will prevent you from sticking to an unhealthy act such as nail biting.

Having well-manicured nails can help stop nail biting. Regular nail trimming and filing which makes the nail short and snag-free can also discourage nail biting in addition to applying the nail polish. Read and follow the instructions as indicated in the label of the product before use to avoid any negative reactions and side effects.

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