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How to Stop Nail Biting – 4 Tips on How to Get Rid of that Disgusting Habit

Nail biting is very common among lots of people. This maybe started during childhood and had developed into a habit. People have different reasons – it maybe because of boredom, stress or a need for comfort. Some do it when their nails grow long or if there are dead skin around their cuticles. An associate professor at the University of Washington, School of Medicine said that nail biting is a symptom of anxiety or insecurity.

Stop Nail Biting

Stop Nail Biting

It is necessary to stop this habit of nail biting not only because chewed –off nails is not good to look at, or causes infections but it also discourages others especially if you are in front of a potential employer or a client. Therefore you must read this article to know the tips on how to stop nail biting.

Tip # 1: Buy a product OTC.

Buy an over-the-counter product that is helpful for stopping nail biting. Such products contain the ingredients citric acid and cayenne pepper.

Tip # 2: Apply the product to your nails.

Apply the nail biting product to the nails and cuticles and make sure to cover the whole area. You can apply the solution daily or make an interval of 2-3 days. This depends when the bitter taste starts to fade away. If you have nail polish, you can apply the solution on top of it. Having your nails manicured can also dissuade you from biting them.

Tip # 3: Make a decision that you should stop biting your nails.

Nobody can help you except yourself. Set a date to quit nail biting and you must commit to it. You can encircle the date in your calendar and you should remind yourself often before that day.

Tip # 4: Give yourself professional manicure.

A day before your Quit Day, indulge yourself in a very costly professional manicure. If you don’t have the money, you can have one at home following these steps: (1) Remove your nail polish with a non-acetone polish remover; (2) Remove cuticles but do not cut them. You can gently push them back; (3) Mix body scrub with bath gel and use for a do-it-yourself hand-polishing scrub. Massage carefully into the skin around the nail-bed; (4) Using warm water, rinse it well then pat off excess water; (5) Rub a thick body cream while your hands are still damp. Use soft towel to wipe off excess cream; (6) As soon as the cream is being absorbed and your hands are dry, gently shape your nails with a soft emery board; and (7) You can now apply a pale polish or use a buffer to give radiance to your nails.

After your Quit Day, you will still find it hard to keep off your hands from your mouth. Keep on reminding yourself that you have to avoid nail biting. Keep in mind that there are disadvantages of doing it until you have stopped the habit. You can make a list of the reasons why you should not do it and also include in your list the benefits you will have after you have stopped biting your nails.

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