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How to Use Creams to Prevent Nail Biting

Nail biting is a common habit to some. Though it may seem harmless, this can lead to some problems. It causes dirt and bacteria to be transferred from the fingernails to the mouth. It can cause sore, bleeding of the fingertips and cuticles, and can lead to infections or intestinal worms. A long term habit of nail biting can affect the growth of fingernails. Severe nail biting can cause someone to find it hard to perform some activities that involve the use of hands such as typing, writing and driving. The good news is there are creams to prevent nail biting and here’s how you can use them.

Use Creams to Prevent Nail Biting

Use Creams to Prevent Nail Biting

Tip #1: Know More about These Nail Biting Creams

Many ideas come to people’s mind on how to stop nail biting. Some people believe that hypnosis can end nail biting permanently. But some do believe that a simple willpower can end this habit. One best choice to remedy this habit is the use of nail biting creams which are available in the market today. Yes, there are several cream products that can be purchased now and can be used to prevent the habit of nail biting so as to reduce the risks of its unwanted side effects. The idea in here is to apply the cream onto the nails and when the user finds that the taste is bitter, she will surely stop biting her nails.

Tip #2: Look for the Control-It Cream

This kind of cream is made of natural ingredients and has a bitter taste. This undesirable taste is designed specifically to help prevent nail biting and thumb sucking. In addition to this, the Control–It Cream contains vitamins that can help heal the damaged skin which is a result of previous nail biting.

Tip #3: Try Thum

Thum contains the ingredients cayenne, pepper extract and citric acid. This is applied to fingernails like nail polish. Its ingredients produce an unappetizing taste that when biters put their fingernails in their mouth, they will be discouraged of the taste thus discontinue the habit.

Tip #4: Try the Scented Hand Cream

Scented Hand Cream, like any special creams and liquids such as Control-It and Thum, can also be used to prevent nail biting. Even if scented cream has a pleasant smell, it has an unpleasant taste. This bad taste of the scented hand cream can stop people from biting their nails.

Tip #5: Research More on Nail Biting Creams

Aside from helping the person stop the habit of biting nails, there are some good points that nail biting creams offer. These creams usually contain ingredients like vitamins and aloe vera which are both beneficial to the health of the nails. They are also good for the cuticles because they can make them softer and smoother.

Although there are some advantages of using these stop nail biting creams, the fact is they cannot be a long term solution for the problem. Once a nail biter discontinues the use of these creams onto their nails, they will start the habit of biting them again.

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