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How to Do Gothic Nail Decorations Using 8 Pointers

There are many nail designs as of today and this includes Gothic nail design. In here, you do the shapes of Gothic architecture and bring in the colors too which includes deep reds of the jewels, stone gray of the wall, metallic black and pewter of the armor and the points of the windows. The Gothic nail design application is almost the same like most of the nail art treatments, only there may be difference in nail shape style. Read and follow the tips to do Gothic nail decorations as presented below.

Do Gothic Nail Decorations

Do Gothic Nail Decorations

Tip #1: Prepare the Materials

You will need the following so first try to secure them all: Nail polish (white opaque); nail polish (transparent black); nail polish in an opaque color (midnight blue, blood red, silver gray or deep eggplant); nail polish base coat;;cuticle clippers; nail glue; adhesive bandage; toothpick; small crystal jewels; celtic symbol; miniature Gothic sword; and lace.

Tip #2: Clean Nails

Remove left old nail polish on your nails using acetone or polish remover then clip cuticles and file nails into points. For a Gothic shape, you must make the points slightly rounded or angular. A very sharp point tends to break easily than a rounded one.

Tip #3: Apply the Base Coat

First, you must roll the nail polish between your palms to mix the polish. Rolling is best recommended because shaking can create bubbles which lead to uneven surface. In applying the base coat, place the tip of the brush next to the cuticle in the middle of the nail up to the nails. Do it in one continuous motion. Repeat this procedure on the right and left side. This process provides a thin coat of polish which dries fast and reduces air bubbles at the same time. Allow your nails to dry thoroughly.

Tip #4: Apply the Underneath Coat

For the underneath coat, you should use an opaque Gothic color which can be midnight blue, bloody red, silver gray or deep eggplant. Apply one coat only to your nails and let it dry.

Tip #5: Apply the Transparent Black

Apply one coat of transparent black nail polish on top of the opaque color then let it dry before applying 2 coats of clear polish. The finish product is that the nails will shine black in the light but shows the opaque color the rest of the time.

Tip #6: Embellish the Nails with a Spider Web

In decorating the nail with a spider web, dip the toothpick in white nail polish and while looking at a picture of the spider web, make fine lines forming a web pattern on one or several nails. Let the web dry before applying clear polish.

Tip #7: Create other Patterns

You can create several patterns with everyday materials. You can paint over a portion of an adhesive bandage with different colors. Attach a piece of lace to the nail which is used as a stencil as you paint over it and then remove it carefully so you don’t ruin the stenciling.

Tip #8: Use Gothic Sword, Celtic Symbol or Crystal Jewels

You can drop a small Gothic sword, Celtic symbol or small crystal jewels into wet nail polish. Let it dry before applying several coats of clear polish to seal the embellishments.

Gothic nail art is something worth trying despite the complexity of the processes behind it. It will surely make your nails look better than you have ever imagined.

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