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How to Do Butterfly Nail Art Design – 8 Steps to Create Butterfly Nail Art

Butterfly nail art is one of the art designs for both the fingernails and toenails. For beginners they find it hard to paint their nails and doing such designs. Why don’t you give this simple nail art design a try? Butterfly nail art design on your fingernails or toenails is a perfect design during summer, but you can have and enjoy it anytime of the year.

Do Butterfly Nail Art Design

Do Butterfly Nail Art Design

Step # 1: In making your DIY Butterfly nail art design gather your materials.

You will need platinum nail polish for base coat, fuchsia pink nail polish, glaze green nail polish, black velvet nail polish, silver nail polish for topcoat and toothpick.

Step # 2: Apple the basecoat.

Apply Platinum nail polish as a basecoat to your nails. You can apply two coats for a darker and even background for the butterfly design.

Step # 3: Scrape the nails.

While your nails are still wet, get the toothpick and immediately scrape the nails making a butterfly design.

Step # 4: Paint the scraped part.

Paint the scraped part using the Fuchsia Pink nail polish but be sure not to have any mess while painting the butterfly image.

Step # 5: Put dots on your butterfly.

Get the Glaze Green nail polish and put dots on the wings of the butterfly design. This will make your nails look more realistic.

Step # 6: Make the black line for the butterfly.

Use the Black Velvet nail polish and paint a black line at the center of the butterfly image. This serves as the body of the butterfly nail art.


Step # 7: Dry your nails.

Let your nails dry to avoid messing up the nail art then apply the top coat which protects and seal the butterfly nail art at the same time. You can use a clear polish with silver to make your design shimmer and look more elegant. This will also make your nail art last longer.

Step # 8: Experiment on other methods to enjoy butterfly nail art.

Pick your choice of nail color. You can choose a pale color for the base like yellow or blue and a darker color should be use to paint the butterfly. Paint the base color to your nails. Apply it twice allowing the first coat to dry for at least 10 minutes before applying the second coat. Avoid anything that touches your nails while waiting them to dry.


Use white nail polish to paint a thin outline of two bows, one above the other. These two bows form the butterfly image. Paint the outline with white and wait till the nail polish dry completely. Get a green nail polish and paint a vertical line down the center of the butterfly which serves as the body of the butterfly. Choose a color of your choice to paint the wings of the butterfly. This is one way of expressing your personality.

Manicuring your nails is one way of expressing yourself. Nail polish is removable so you can paint any nail art design and remove anytime your mood changes. You can paint light colors during your lighter mood and dark ones during darker moods. For the designs you can have hearts, stars, patterns or butterflies as well. You don’t need to be a professional to paint such design you can even do it from your own home.

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