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How to Apply Bead Nail Art – 4 Steps on How to Make this Bead Art on Your Nails

At present, there are many ways of decorating your fingernails. You can find different methods on how to create nail art. One of them is putting beads onto your nails. There are several colors and sizes of beads and they are made of different materials. There are steel beads, tiny glass beads and crystal glitter beads. All of them can make your nails sparkle like diamonds. Using your creativity with the right technique, you can use these beads in creating your nail art designs.

Applying bead nail art has its own unique style that makes it different from applying that simple nail art flat shape. You will simply need the following to apply bead nail art: (1) clear nail polish; (2) colored nail polish; (3) nail art beads; and (4) toothpick. From here, you can proceed to the following steps.

apply bead nail art

apply bead nail art

Step # 1 – Prepare Your Nails for the Bead Art

First, paint your nails the color you desire or paint a design to your nails that will serve as a guide to where you will place the beads. An example of this is that you can have a French tip to emphasize the tip or put polka dots by dotting the brush tip in different areas of the nail. Then let the first color dry before applying a clear top coat.

Step # 2 – Applying the Beads

You should apply a small amount of clear nail polish in the area where you will place the bead. With the use of pointed objects like a toothpick or a dotting tool, you can pick up small clusters of beads by dipping the end of the toothpick in the bead container. Now, put the beads on the part of the nail where you want them. Pick another bead if necessary.

Step # 3 – Arranging the Beads

As soon as you have placed the beads into your nail, you can arrange them into a more specific design you have in mind. Leave them for a minute or so until the clear polish can dry before brushing over another thin clear nail polish. Applying a layer of top coat over the design is used to seal it.

Step # 4 – Be Creative

You may have a series of bead nail art designs in your mind. It is okay to experiment after you have removed the existing design you have on your nails. The secret is to think about what mixes and matches with your clothing. Also, you must give regard to your personality. That way, any person who glances at your beaded nails will appreciate the art you are trying to convey.

Applying a bead nail art is so easy. Just create a unique nail art design according to what is in your mind and arrange the beads to make new designs. Another way to emphasize the bead nail art is to put around a design like a line or even a heart shape. Since there are different colors of beads available, you can make several designs if you like. Beads come in metal or glass styles also and a lot more types of beads are coming out in the market allowing you to enjoy the designs you want.

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