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4 Steps to Make Flower Nail Art

Are you interested in making a flower nail art to show off your fancy beautiful nails? Nail art is getting more popular each day because most people enjoy doing nail art designs. Nail art design can look gorgeous on your fingers. Although sometimes there are designs which are difficult to make but it’s worth doing for fancy occasions or you just want to look hip and cool. Doing a nail art requires one to have a steady hand and full concentration but the beautiful result is well worth it! Plus, it also requires following a couple of steps to make it appear more beautiful.

Step #1: Make necessary preparations.

Make Flower Nail ArtYou will need items such as colored nail polish, thin nail art brush, clear nail polish, nail art rhinestones, cotton balls, nail file, and nail clippers. Remove old nail polish by using a nail polish remover on a cotton ball. Clip and file your nails until you reach the desired length you want. Apply a thin coating of clear nail polish as a first layer, but you can also add a second coat if you wish. Let the nail polish dry.

Step #2: Create the flower.

Make sure to get just enough amounts. To create the center of the flower, paint a dot in the middle of your nail. As an alternative to nail polish, you can use an artificial art rhinestone to make the center of the flower. To make the petals of your flowers, dip the nail art brush into different nail polish color and paint a few dot, around 5 to form the petals. Start making the petal from the center of the nail and curved line extending to the outer line of the nail. You must leave a space for the stem.

Step #3: Make the right color choices.

It’s always best to choose 2 kinds of colors for your nail art. Choose a color that is different from your current nail polish. Use vivid colors for a nail art, especially nail polish with glitters and shiny colors. This can add an extra eye-catching appeal.

Step #4: Create the stem.

In making the stem, finish it by choosing another nail polish color and make a step that will start from the flower center. You can make it as fancy as possible. You can add some leaves or make your flowers colorful and prominent by using other kinds of colors. Let it dry and add another top layer of nail polish or glittered polish to make it more colorful. You can highlight your nail art by using a second polish color. Don’t be frustrated if you didn’t get it right the first time you tried. You will get better with practice.

Nail art is the simplest way to add some personal beauty and touch to your nails. There can be no other way where you can pamper your nails. You can create some nail arts during holiday season to show some flair. You can also use this to show your support for the cause or team. This will only take you a minute to make. All you need is few simple materials and creativity.

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