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How to Do a Manicure Video – 7 Steps on How to Teach Others to do a Manicure

Some people want to share their knowledge of manicure and do it through making a manicure online video. This is considered a very noble task that can draw many viewers. If you want to do a manicure video also, you can go on reading and follow these simple steps.

Do a Manicure Video

Do a Manicure Video

Step 1: Prepare the following equipment.

You will basically need a camera and tripod to take the shots. Then you can also prepare a table where you will do a lot of stuff. Not to forget, the nail polish, nail clippers, cuticle remover, emery board, and a bowl with warm water. These are essential tools for manicures.

Step 2: Attach the Camera to its Tripod

Prepare your camera and your tripod. Next, attach your camera to its tripod. Try to focus your camera to a well-lit table. Be sure to have enough space for your hands to move around as you demonstrate how to do a manicure to yourself.

Step 3: Organize your Manicure Equipment

Next step is you have to organize your manicure equipment in a way that these are easily accessible during your demonstration. You can now set your camera into record and can start the manicure demonstration. As you demonstrate the procedure step by step, you have to narrate it as you go and you can also share simple hints and tips of what you are doing. That way, your soon-to-be viewers will not feel bored during the process.

Step 4: Trim Your Nails

Use a nail clipper to trim your nails and shape them after using an emery board. Soak your fingernails in warm water. As you edit your manicure video, make the soak a time lapse so that you don’t waste the viewer’s time.

Step 5: Dry Your Nails

Push cuticles back and cut them if necessary. Use a cuticle remover to this procedure. As you finish, dry your hands thoroughly with a towel. You can always describe what you are doing as the video goes along.

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Step 6: Add Polish to Your Nails

Apply nail color polish and a nail strengthener to all your fingernails. While doing this, do continue to narrate every step and share helpful tips as well.

Step 7: Posts Your Video to a Website

After you have finished all of these steps, it’s time to edit your video with time lapse, opening credits and closing edits. After which you can now post into a website such as YouTube or Vimeo and have it ready to share with your friends. Wait until your manicure video becomes a viral sensation.

After knowing about all these steps in making a manicure video, do you think it is a complex task to do? It is not. It is a matter of preparing the necessary equipment for taking and uploading such video and some tools to conduct the manicure. From here, you can make your own manicure video. By using your own manicure techniques, your own nail polish designs and some concepts, you are ready to share it with your family and friends.

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