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How to Use Manicure Tools for Your Safety

Doing or cleaning your own nails can help you save money, but before you attempt to clean and manicure your nails you also need to know how these things are to be used. It is so important to know how to use the proper manicure tools. There are many places where you can buy your manicure tools and chemicals. Choose tools that can provide you with what you need to do a professional manicure on yourself at home. Don’t think about the price because manicure tools are a onetime investment. These tools will allow you to do multiple manicures on yourself.

Tip #1: Washing the Tools

Prepare all the necessary things you’ll need such as bleach and water solution, bowl, fingernail clippers, fingernail file, orange wood stick, cotton, cuticle clipper. Wash the manicure set using soap and water. After washing them, soak all the tools in a sanitizer to kill all the bacteria present in the tools. To make the sanitizing solution, you just need to mix 4 quarts water and 1 quart bleach in a bowl large enough to hold all the manicure tools. Soak the manicure tools for at least 10 minutes and rinse them with clean water. Dry them using a clean towel before using them.

Tip #2: Using the Fingernail ClipperUse Manicure Tools

In using the fingernail clipper, take the clipper’s top handle and turn it around to 180 degrees, and then place the nail in between the blades that you want to trim. Gently press down the upper metal handle until your nail clips off. Repeat the procedure to other nails in your fingers. Trim it to your desired length.

Tip #3: Using the Nail File

After trimming your nails with a clipper, you need to file the nails using a master nail file to remove sharp edges. These sharp edges can injure your face or can catch things on your nails such as fabrics. You also need to file them to look short and straight. To file your nails, hold the file with one hand against a fingernail on the other hand. Move the nail file to only one direction when filing your nails. Start at the edge and move towards the center of the nail. Repeat the procedure for every finger nails.

Tip #4: Using the Orange Wood Stick

Try also using the orange wood stick. The wood stick is used to push back cuticles. All you need to do is to wrap a small piece of cotton to one of the tip of the wood stick and place against the cuticles. Apply a gentle pressure while pushing your cuticles in an upward motion. Put enough pressure while you are pushing the cuticles because it should move back as you push it. Repeat the procedure for each fingernail. Orange wood sticks are disposable, so throw it away after using.

Tip #5: Using the Cuticle Clipper

You can also use the cuticle clipper but use it only if the cuticle sticks up or you need to remove some hanging nails. Operate the cuticle clipper like the way you operate the scissor. Be careful in using the cuticle clipper to avoid cutting the skin.

Learning to use manicure tools reassures you that you will get your nails done safely. You should carefully follow these tips if you want to achieve healthy looking nails all the time.

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