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How to Learn about the 6 Different Kinds of Manicures

Having groomed nails indicate that you do care of how you look. You can go to the salon to beautify your hands or you can do some manicuring at home using your own kit. You can have different kinds of manicures to choose from and as a result, you will have hands that you can be proud of. Here are some of the several kinds of manicures that you can make use of:

6 Different Kinds of Manicures

6 Different Kinds of Manicures

Tip #1: Learning the “Hot Stone”

At high-end salons, they offer a relaxing and pampering kind of manicure which is called the Hot Stone. In here, your hands are massaged and soaked like in a regular manicure. The only difference is that, there are two hot stones that are set up on top of the hands. This is intended to relax you and relieve stress.

Tip #2: Learning the “Spa Manicure”

In spa manicures, they make use of aromatic salt rubs or moisturizing hand masks and also include some treatments like the paraffin dip. The manicurist massages the salt rub both on your hands and forearms. She also places hot towel over them to penetrate further. Next is that you have to wash it off and then a hydrating mask is applied later. The final step of the spa manicure includes cuticle grooming, nail shaping and applying nail polish.

Tip #3: Learning the “Detox”

A detoxifying manicure can enhance blood circulation in the hands and treats dry skin too.  They use seaweeds or aloe in detoxifying manicures. They let your hands soak in the solution while the manicurist will use a scrub that contains pineapple or other similar fruits to remove your dry skin. After scrubbing, the manicurist will then file and paint your nails.

Tip #4: Learning the “Paraffin”

Paraffin manicure is a luxurious type of manicure and is best recommended for dry hands and nails. In here, the manicurist will heat the paraffin wax before applying to the hands. They will sit on the skin for 15-30 minutes before removing the paraffin wax. After which the manicurist will give you a relaxing hand massage using oil, like the grape seed oil, then groom and paint your nails.

Tip #5: Learning the “Gel Manicure”

If you are looking for a durable and colorful nail treatment like what fashionistas do, then gel manicure is the answer. There are different kinds of gel manicures which range in intensity and strength. Gel nail polish and nail enhancements use cutting-edge technology so as to create long-wearing nail designs. This is a kind of nail art which only trained professional can perform. Gel manicures require expensive equipment and also precise application.

Tip #6: Learning the “Shellac”

Shellac manicure is first offered by Creative Nail Designs in 2010 wherein this type of manicure combines the ease of traditional polish and gel polishes. When applied by the manicurist, shellac nails still need to be put under an ultraviolet light to harden it. The curing time, however, is only 10-15 seconds. Shellac manicures can last for almost two weeks without chipping. A professional manicurist is required to remove the polish and unlike gels that require extensive filing and soaking to remove, shellac can be removed thru soaking the nail in a solution of 99% acetone.

There are many different types of manicures to choose from as evidenced by those presented in this page. Each offers a thrilling experience worth remembering and trying. Inquire about them in your nearby salons.

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