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How to Get Manicured Nails – 7 Steps to Manicure Your Own Nails

Having a well manicured nails signifies your personality. This means you take good care well of yourself and you’re being neat with your body. So who do not want manicured nails? You don’t have to go to the nail salon and pay for a manicure, have your manicure yourself. Doing a manicure yourself is very easy. Here’s how to get manicured nails yourself.

Get Manicured Nails

Get Manicured Nails

Step # 1: Prepare the materials to get a manicure.

The following materials are all what you need to get manicured nails. Prepare a color nail polish of your choice, nail polish remover, cotton ball, nail file, small bowl, warm water, moisturizer, q-tips, orangewood stick and a clean cloth.

Step # 2: Prepare your nails.

Start with removing old nail polish on your nails. Put a nail polish remover on a cotton ball and use it to remove previous nail polish. After that, use a Q-tip with a small amount of polish remover on it to take off any left nail polish in the corner of your nails. Make use of a soft file to file your nails giving them the desired shape.

Step # 3: Moisturize your nails.

Use hand cream moisturizer to moisturize your nails and massage them for a minute. After that put lukewarm water in a small bowl and soak your nails in it for about 3 minutes. This process will help soften up nail cuticles.

Step # 4: Push cuticles.

Use orangewood stick to gently push the cuticles. You have to be careful with this task to prevent damaging your skin. Remember not to cut your cuticles.

Step # 5: Moisturize your hands.

Use moisturizer to smooth your hands. Use preferably a hand lotion containing cocoa butter such as Palmers. Be sure to put lotion on each finger and nail which includes the sides. Make sure that the skin in between the fingers will be applied with lotion also. Wipe your hands with a clean cloth afterwards.

Step # 6: Apply a base coat.

As soon as you are done cleaning your nails, you are now ready to apply a base coat on your nails before putting on your color nail polish. Applying a base coat helps the nail polish to last longer.

Step # 7: Apply color nail polish.

Allow your base coat to dry before you apply the nail color polish of your choice. For a better result, you can apply two coats of it. Let your nails dry for about 5 minutes. From here, you can take a look at the output of all the other six steps mentioned above including this step. You can see that your nails seem to be manicured by a professional.

Getting manicured nails is possible. The secret lies in the materials you may use in the process. You must know how to use one from the other. Also, you have to be ready with the task on how to get manicured nails beautifully. From here, you can flaunt your fingernails to everyone you meet on the street.


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