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How to Do a Manicure on Nail Biters – 6 Tips to Make the Nail Biter’s Nails look Prettier

Nail biting is usually the result of stress. Serious nail biting can damage even the soft tissues under the nails. Besides the fact that nail biting is very unsightly, it is also true that nails may look uneven, messy and raw due to this disgusting habit. Doing manicure to a nail biter is one of the hardest jobs to do. Although it’s almost the same as any basic manicure, you have to use different kinds of nail polish which has a bitter taste. This is to discourage or prevent nail biters from biting their nails.

Before proceeding to tasks essential to manicure nails of biters, you need to prepare a bunch of things. The things to be used are the following: (1) nail polish remover; (2) nail file; (3) cuticle stick; (4) cotton swab; (5) hand cream; and (6) bitter nail polish.

Do a Manicure on Nail Biters

Do a Manicure on Nail Biters

Tip # 1: Prepare the Nails

Remove any previous nail polish from nails using a soaked cotton ball in a nail polish remover. Nail biters usually have short and jagged rough nails. Trim the nails to make it even and buff them.

Tip # 2: Smooth the Nails

Smooth the nails and use a nail file to shape them and remove any bite marks. Do the filing in one direction only. Filing the nails back and forth is not good since it can cause the nails to break and become more damaged.

Tip # 3: Soak Your Fingers.

Soak your fingers in warm water to soften the cuticles. Get your cuticle stick as you are now ready to push your cuticles back. Remember not to cut your cuticles.

Tip # 4: Moisturize your Nails and Fingers

Massage a moisturizing hand cream to your hands and let it dry for 2-3 minutes. Wipe out any excess hand cream.

Tip # 5: Color Your Nails

You can now move on to coloring your nails. The tip here is that you cannot apply French manicure. Since nail biters make their nails so thin and small, they do not have enough white at the end of their nails to paint that’s why you cannot give them a proper French manicure. Try to pick a solid color that is applicable with the looks of their skin tone. You can use light pink to dark pink but not a hot pink.

Tip # 6: Use Bitter Nail Polish

After applying the colored nail polish and after drying it, apply a coat of a bitter nail polish so as to prevent the nail biter from biting her nails again. Well it is because the bitter nail polish is as exactly what its name implies – it tastes bitter. Let the nail polish dry.

Remember to trim nails regularly to keep the nails short always. This will help reduce nail biting to some degree. It is very important to give proper manicure on nail biters to make the nails look more decent than usual. You must take good care of your nails and avoid nail biting so as not to damage them.

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