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Decorated Nail Tips – 4 Tips on How to Decorate and Manicure Nails

Decorated nail designs have become popular among women as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kadarshian are often seen in manicure salons or out with that very interesting colored nails. A report by the YWCA said that an average woman can spend about $9,000 within ten years on manicures if she visits a manicurist once in a month. Women can have several trends that they can do themselves to keep their nail fresh and modern to lessen their manicure expenses though. Here are some decorated nail tips to bear in mind.

Decorate and Manicure Nails

Decorate and Manicure Nails

Tip #1: Ask What Colors to Use

The color fashion can vary from year to year but there are some standard seasonal favorites that some women can use to decorate and manicure nails to be in with the fashion. During spring, they can use floral colors with the varying shades of pink, red and purple. In summer, they can make use of bright, metallic or neon which can draw attention and inspire a bit of fun. For fall colors, muted metallic particularly gold had been chosen while winter colors are dark, especially chocolate browns, eggplants and even black. All of these keep nails looking fresh but sometimes it depends to the wearer and the wardrobe.

Tip #2: Use Patterned Nail Designs

You can do patterns with any color combinations.  Celebrities have tried almost all kinds of nail designs resembling almost everything from leopard spots to a cracked window. To imitate such style, you have to purchase both colors of polish needed and also a top coat. Apply 2 coats of base color; you can use gold for a leopard pattern and black for a cracked window. Paint the pattern over the top of the first color once it is dry with the use of a toothpick or a cotton swab. Paint black spots for the leopard and white lines for the cracked window. Apply 2-3 coats for the pattern and apply 2 coats of top coat after the first coats set.

Tip #3: Use French Manicures

When applying a French manicure at home, you need a base cot, topcoat and a rich white polish. First, apply 2 coats of the base polish and dry. Use masking tape to cover the entire nail except the nail tip. This is to create a straight line for the white polish. Apply two coats of white nail polish to the nail tips and then remove the masking tape. Apply a topcoat to the entire nail at once. In this year 2011, the trend is they use black nail polish instead of white nail polish for the nail tips. They follow the same procedure only they change the nail tip color.

Tip #4: Use Nail Gems

Using nail gems is an easy way to intricate a nail polish decoration and this can be easily removed with the use of nail polish remover. Some of the nail gem options you can use include diamond and gem studs, animals, butterflies and shapes. First apply a base coat and then two coats of the color nail polish. You should match the gem with the nail color. An example of this is using a bee gem for a yellow nail polish and a star would match with red or blue polish. Once the gem is stuck to the top center of the nail, apply a top coat to give the nail a uniform look.

Using gems, different styles and choosing the right colors will help you have decorated nails right in your own homes. Keep these four tips in mind and start practicing them.

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