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Make Safe Nail Polish with 5 Tips to Consider

Many women get attracted to different colors of nail paints, but the chemical ingredients used to make nail polish are toxic and can even do more harm than good. But you can make your own gentle polish that will leave your nails brilliant, beautiful and shiny. This homemade nail paint can still give you the same look as the traditional paint. Nail polish, polish remover, and artificial nails are believed to cause cancer, asthma, and other illnesses to humans. This is according to the report of Campaign for safe cosmetics. Harmful chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene are found in some commercial nail polished and the only way to be safe is to create your own nail polish without the potentially harmful side effects like the store bought polishes have. Here is how you can make safe nail polish.

Tip #1: Prepare.Make Safe Nail Polish

Prepare all the necessary things that you’ll need such as cold pressed olive oil, powdered white clay or kaolin clay, henna powder, cotton swabs, and soft cotton cloth. Make a paste of mixed 1 tbsp. of cold pressed olive oil and ½ tbsp. of powdered white clay or kaolin clay. Mix thoroughly until you create a smooth paste. The purpose of the olive oil is to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized while the kaolin clay will buff and shine the surface.

Tip #2: Add color.

To add color to your nail polish, you can add henna dye according to your desired shade of color. Henna comes in different colors and when you add this to your nails, it will create a soft and natural color. Make a good paste by mixing equal parts of henna and olive oil. You may need to add more olive oil if necessary.

Tip #3: Apply.

When mixing is already done, you can now apply your homemade nail polish by using an old nail polish brush or a cotton swab. Just be careful not to splash any nail paint onto your skin, or this will be tinted and hard to remove when dry. If this will happen, wipe it right away using a soft cotton cloth. If henna is not included, leave the polish for about 15 minutes.

Tip #4: Moisturize.

If henna is included, maintain the moisture on your nails by dipping a cotton swab in warm water and carefully dab the surface of the paste. Depending on the deepness of color you want to achieve, allow the henna to set for at least 1 hour, or longer if necessary. Once the paste is set, dip a cotton cloth in warm water and gently wipe it away. And to buff and shine your nails, massage your nails in circular motion with the excess paste still on the cloth.

Tip #5: Rinse.

Let it dry on your nails completely and rinse the henna mixture away with water. The result of using henna will be a natural nail stain and will not chip and can last for several days. You can purchase henna from local stores. It is available in many colors you could choose from. With these easy tips above, you can now create a chemical-free nail polish.

There are a few tips to bear in mind when you make nail polish for your safety. It may be hard doing the steps if it is your first time but once you get used to it, everything will turn out easier than you have expected.

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