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How to Make Glitter Nails – 7 Steps to Enjoy Your Own Glitter Nail Polish

Making a variety of designs with your nails is one way of showing your personality. It also adds glamour to your looks. Making glitter nail polish will add style to your favorite nail polish color thus making it smarter to look at. All you need to do is gather a few simple things like the nail polish base, fine glitter, wax paper, teaspoon, small funnel and a clear top coat. From here, you can make glitter nails.

Make Glitter Nails

Make Glitter Nails

Step # 1: Choose your favorite nail polish.

Make use of a new and unused nail polish and choose your favorite one. A clear polish (or a clear polish with a tint) is best to reflect the glitter. Anyway you can experiment with your favorite colors.

Step # 2: Go to a craft store and look for the glitter.

You can go to a craft store or an art supply store to look for the finest glitter. Choose the color of the glitter that match with the color of your nail polish choice.

Step # 3: Get the small funnel and wax paper.

Make use of a small funnel that fits inside the mouth of the nail polish bottle. You can also create your own funnel using a wax paper. Just tear a small piece and twirl into a cone shape.

Step # 4: Pour the glitter into the nail polish.

Pour a teaspoon of glitter through the funnel going to the nail polish bottle. Replace the funnel with the nail polish lid and shake the bottle to infuse. You can add more glitter if you wish to depending on how much glittery you want your nail polish to be.

Step # 5: Start painting your nails.

You can now paint your nails with your new glitter polish. Let it dry completely before applying your clear top coat. This is used to seal the glitter pieces onto your nails.

Apply a clear base coat to a clean, plain nail. You can also use this base coat as a top coat. The base coat may contain aloe vera, calcium and Vitamin E that repairs brittle and dry nails and helps keep the nails healthy. Let the base coat dry first before applying the glitter nail polish to the tip of each nail. Apply it gently to ensure an even stroke of the polish. Let the first coat dry before applying the second one to make it more resistant breaking.

Step # 6: Apply the top coat.

Apply the top coat as soon as the nail tips are dry. The top coat protects the glitter from chipping and gives the nails extra shine as well. Do not try to file the nails once the glitter and the top coat are already applied. This will cause the glitter to chip and reduce the shine of the polish.

Step # 7: Learn to maintain the glittery nails.

If you want to keep you glitter nail tips to look fresh always, re-apply the glitter polish if necessary. This will depend on the wear of your nails. In some cases that the glitter nail polish chips or breaks, it is best to remove the entire polish and start all over again so you can get a smooth, even application for a better looking glitter nails.

Glitter nail polish comes in different colors, textures and has also several art graphics. Glitter nail tips are also used to glamorize the nails whether they are plain, gel or acrylic. Enjoy the opportunity of having such options to beautify your nails.

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