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How to Make Brown Nail Polish in 4 Easy Steps

The processĀ  of making a brown nail polish is somewhat cost-effective. It involves combining ones favorite brown eye shadow with a clear or white nail polish so as to be able to create a sheer or solid tone. You can also add other elements such as glitters or you can mix other shades of eye shadows to create different hues to achieve different looks. Left over product can be stored in the nail polish bottle for future use. Here are some steps to make a brown nail polish:

Make Brown Nail Polish

Make Brown Nail Polish

Step #1: Preparation

Prepare the materials that you need such as clear nail polish, white nail polish, 1 tsp brown eye shadow, plastic bag, envelope, scissors and a nail polish remover. Put the 1 tsp brown eye shadow in a plastic bag and then crush it until it becomes a fine powder. Use a scissor to cut the corner of an envelope that will serve as a funnel where the eye shadow can pass trough.

Step #2: Mixing

Now, pour the crushed brown eyeshadow through the funnel into a bottle of clear nail polish to create a sheer tone. To create an opaque tone, pour the eye shadow powder into a bottle of white nail polish. You can add 2-5 drops of nail polish remover if the result of the mixture is lumpy and then close the bottle and shake thoroughly until the eye shadow is equally dispersed. To add shimmer to the mixture, put Ā¼ tsp of fine-powdered glitter.

Step #3: Using Complementary Colors

Mix any 2 complementary colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel. The most recommended one are red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow. Mix black and white and add some red in them to get brown. Mix orange and blue to make brown and you can add some green if you want it to make it a cooler brown. Mix purple, red and orange as well.

Step #4: Application

If there is one thing you should remember when you make a nail polish, that would be the fact that you should apply it carefully in each of your toe and finger nails. There are some who do it in a rush. Putting on some base coat will help though. If you have existing nail polish, better remove them first before making several applications of the brown nail polish. Finish it up with some designs that you think is best suited to the new nail polish you have created.

There is no easy way to making a nail polish unless you remember the steps provided herein. Preparation is always the key since this is that point when you have to collect all the materials you need. Making the right mixtures will help you make the brown nail polish out of scrap. But of course, you also have to learn how to apply it properly to appreciate the finished product. When you have done all these, that’s the time you can declare you have made a good job.

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