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How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails – 5 Tips on How to Prevent this Infection from Affecting Your Toenails

Ingrown toenails or onychocryptosis according to some physicians is a condition that occurs when a skin on one or two sides of a nail grows over the edges of the nail. This is also a condition when the nail grows into the skin. This is often associated with infection of the toe and this is painful. How can you prevent ingrown toenails? The tips are found in this page.

Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Tip 1: Know the causes for the condition.

Ingrown toenails have different causes. One is congenital like a toenail that is simply too large. Some toes curl because of diseases like arthritis. These are prone to ingrown toenails. Stubbing a toe or having a toe stepped on can cause a piece of the nail to be pushed into the skin. All of these can lead to ingrown nails.

The most common reason of ingrown toenails is cutting them incorrectly. This might cause them to re-grow into the skin. Some ingrown toenails are considered chronic when pain and infection are constantly coming back. This can result to irritation, redness, swelling and an uncomfortable sensation of warmth. As you establish the cause, you can consider the following:

Tip 2: Cut your toenails properly.

Do not cut the corners of your toenails because this will leave a room for the skin in the corners of your nail bed to grow in. This is painful because they have to push through the skin to break free of the nail bed. Just let your nails grow out even if it might take a few weeks. Although the first 3-4 days might be very painful, you will never experience this again as long as you’re persistent enough to follow the rest of the steps.

Tip 3: Wear comfortable shoes.

You have to wear shoes that have a low heel as well as a toe box that doesn’t pinch your toes together. If you’re into fashion and can’t avoid a high heeled shoes, select a rounded one and refrain from standing and walking too long. If you’re wearing closed-toed shoes, keep your nails trimmed short. Having long toenails in an enclosed space will cause some problems. Also trim your toenails straight across, no rounded corners and no fancy shapes.

Tip # 4: Consult your Physician

If ever you find that your ingrown toenails are extremely painful or the skin around your nails looks red, go and visit your doctor and let him check it out. Do not try to fix it yourself.  Ingrown toenails should be treated immediately as soon as you come to know about it.

Tip # 5: Try some simple tips.

In such cases that the ingrown nail is not yet infected, your toenails will be relieved if you do these simple steps. Soak the feet in lukewarm water with salt. Use a clean towel to dry them well. Apply a mild antiseptic solution on the affected area. Put bandage on the toe with ingrown nail

If too much pain is felt, swelling of the toe is seen, or discharge is present then your ingrown toenails maybe infected. Let it be treated by a doctor. A podiatrist may remove the infected nail with a minor surgical procedure. He can remove the portion of the nail that have outgrown the skin using a scalpel and treat the infection.

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