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How to Maintain Healthy Toenails – 4 Tips to Keep Toenails Healthy

Some people don’t mind too much about their toenails that they fail to notice about the symptoms of toenail disease and uncleanness. It’s not that hard to determine one’s toenail health. Maintaining toenail health only requires a little of your time and a bit of tender loving care. In such cases that there are serious problems regarding your toenail’s health you can refer it to a foot doctor and let him treat the disease immediately. He can either use natural cures or conventional drugs. Here are some tips to maintain healthy toenails.

Maintain Healthy Toenails

Maintain Healthy Toenails

Tip # 1: Take a Good Look

Try to spend a few moments looking at your feet and observe your toes. Examine each of them for any discoloration. A healthy nail should be naturally white and pink. Any other colors like blue, yellow, brown, gold or thick white signifies unhealthy nails and must be treated at once. If the nail is extremely thick then it means it has fungus. You can consult a podiatrist if needed.

Tip # 2: Tips on Daily Care.

Give your feet and toenails a daily care routine.  Scrub them with warm water and a mild soap every day. Try to remove any dirt that build up under the nail tip. Wash your feet as well after wearing shoes for a full day to remove bacteria and fungus that have accumulated when the feet are enclosed. Doing this daily routine can help maintain clean and healthy toenails.

Tip # 3: Tips on Weekly or Bi-Weekly Care.

Try to soak your feet in a foot bath once a week or every 2 weeks then push back cuticles of the toenails gently using a cuticle pusher. Do not push them too far because this might break the skin causing it to bleed. Trim and file nails to a widened tip look but not rounded and try to give them a uniform look. Apply clear coat of nail polish to strengthen the nails. You can add color if you want and choose an appropriate seasonal color.

Tip # 4: Tips for Treating Ingrown Toenails, Hangnails and Other Woes.

If it happens that you experienced having an ingrown nail, try to soak your feet in a salt water bath. Let your feet stay there for 15-20 minutes and do this daily. In some cases, the nail automatically evens out but in some cases, you still need to clip the hangnail gently and wait for the nail to re-grow in time. Hangnail or loose skin causes pain also.

Don’t make things worse by picking at the skin around it. You have to clip any excess skin carefully. Injured nails might also develop any time. Sometimes a black or blue toenail has been bruised and in severe cases causes the toenail to fall off.  Soak your foot in warm water and apply a triple antibiotic ointment and bandage the toenail using cotton gauze until a new nail grows. White spots on the other hand indicate infection, injury and mineral deficiency and these diminish in time.

These are ways on how you can maintain healthy nails on your toes. The process requires patience and a few minutes of your daily time. Make sure you follow these tips consistently.


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