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How to Maintain Healthy Nails – 9 Tips on How to Make Your Nails in the Pink of Health

As anything else in your body parts, your nails speak up for yourself also. It is important then to keep them in good shape. Since going to the nail salon will cost you that much, you must learn how to maintain healthy nails by making sure that they are well cared for always. You can do some regular manicure to make them happy, healthy and glowing all the time. You also need to protect them. Go on reading the following pointers that you can do to have beautiful nails.

Maintain Healthy Nails

Maintain Healthy Nails

Tip # 1: Clean your nails.

If you have dirty and sooty nails just simply spray some soap, get hold of a brush and rub off your nails. After which, wash your hands with a mild soap, giving much attention on your wrists, in between your fingers and nails. If you see some accumulated dirt inside the nails, scrub them with a toothbrush in a circular motion. Rinse them well with lukewarm water to have that fresh feeling. Let them dry.

Tip # 2: Put moisturizer.

After thoroughly cleaning, put some moisturizer on your palms and massage them, moving from palms to fingers and nails. You can use warm milk, yoghurt, olive oil and lemon juice. Massaging will not only hydrate your skin but also enhances blood circulation resulting in a nice, glossy, healthy nails.

Tip # 3: Maintain healthy nails by trimming them regularly.

Although long nails look glamorous, moderate length of nails look healthy. Trim your nails as desired and file the ends to smoothen and to prevent nail splits and brittle edges. Your cuticles protect your nails and the skin around them, so just push them back but never try to cut them.

Tip # 4: Apply fresh nail polish once a week.

Be sure not to apply a coat on top of the old one. You must remove the old nail polish and give your nails a break before applying a fresh coat. It is fun doing some nail art. You can choose your favorite nail enamel and can do it. However, a clear glossy nail polish is fine if you are just staying inside your home. Stick to lighter shades because overuse of strong nail enamels can cause nail discoloration.

Tip # 5: Using acetone is a no-no.

Do not use nail polish remover that contain acetone. This will damage your nails. Do not also use your nails in opening cans or lids. This will break your nails.

Tip # 6: Use warm olive oil.

To nourish your nails and make them stronger, soak your fingers into a warm olive oil for around 5-10 minutes every week. What’s wonderful in here is that you would get rid of weak, damaged and peeling nails.

Tip # 7: Try vinegar to avoid dull nails.

Having yellow or dull nails looks awkward. To avoid this, you must use white vinegar to wipe them and surely they will look brighter.

Tip # 8: Protect your nails with hand gloves.

Doing household jobs like laundering, gardening and cooking may cause your nails to dry, spit and peel. You must put on gloves then while doing such job.

Tip # 9: Pay attention to what you drink and eat.

Drinking a lot of water will keep away toxins from your body and make your skin glow. This can also hydrate your nails thus keeping them healthy and glowing all day. Try to indulge in biotin-rich foods like eggs, whole grains, avocados and liver for great looking nails.

These nine tips will go a long way if you are after maintaining healthy nails. These are neither expensive nor difficult to do. It just requires discipline on your part.

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