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9 Natural Tips on How to Get Healthy Fingernails

Just like the hair, fingernails are extensions of the skin and are made of similar materials. The visible part of the nails is composed of keratin which consists of dead skin cells similar to those constantly being discarded by the body. The cells in keratin are closely packed, forming a substance that is tough, flexible and protective. With this in mind, you simply have to consider maintaining healthy fingernails. You can get healthy fingernails after you’ve read this page.

Get Healthy Fingernails

Get Healthy Fingernails

Tip #1: Know the features of your nails.

Nails grow from below. The living portion is located just beneath the area called the lunula, the pale half-moon portion at the base. How much of the lunula is exposed depends on the extent to which the layer of epidermis known as the cuticle has been pushed downward and trimmed.

Tip #2: Know how difficult or easy it is to maintain healthy fingernails.

Maintaining healthy fingernails is easy you just have to clean them properly on a regular basis. Do not let your fingernails develop diseases that you cannot remedy without the help of a physician. As soon as you noticed some indications that your fingernails are no longer on its healthy form, seek medical attention at once.  Bear in mind that there are no nail care products which can provide you healthy fingernails. You can maintain healthy fingernails through natural means alone.

Tip #3: Never try to misuse your fingernails.

If you want to avoid injury to your fingernails, it is important that you must not utilize your fingernails as a form of device to pluck, push or force open anything. These activities will surely rip your nails of the keratin it needs.

Tip #4: Never nibble your nails or pluck your cuticles.

These practices can injure the bed of the nails. This is for the reason that even a small incision at the side of your nail can let bacteria or fungi go into to cause infectivity.

Tip #5: Maintain the cleanliness as well as dryness of your fingernails.

This habit can help avoid bacteria, fungi and other form of life form intrusion beneath your fingernails. You should see to it that the area beneath your fingernails is cleansed on a regular basis and you must dry your hands very well after taking a bath. Put on rubber gloves when you are going to use soap and water for a long time.

Tip #6: Cut as well as smooth your nails on a regular basis.

Once you had already cut your nails, make sure that you smooth them out as well so that there will be no rough edges on your nails. You must use sharp clippers and an emery board. It will also help if you will cut and smooth out your fingernails after bathing or immersing your nails in water.

Tip #7: Do not pluck off hangnails.

If you are going to pull off hanging nails, you will rip the living tissue. Just clip them off instead of pulling them off so that you will not destroy the tissue within.

Tip #8: Moisturize your fingernails regularly.

Your nails require moisture similar to the way you moisturize your skin. Massage lotion onto your nails once you moisturize your hands. Make sure to put on a moisturizer following taking away your nail polish.

Tip #9: Observe for problems affecting your nails.

If you notice that a nail problem occurs and does not vanish on its own, consult your physician at once for proper evaluation. This may be hindering you to have healthy nails.

There are natural tips to consider when you want to get healthy fingernails (and even toenails). The simple techniques have been elaborated on above.

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