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How to Prevent Hangnails – 8 Tips to Avoid this Problem

Hangnails are tiny pieces of skin that are attached at the base or side of the nails. Dry cuticles can cause hangnails and these are painful especially if removed. Biting the nails and the habit of picking them at can also cause hangnails and some time they can get infected. This is why we’re giving you some tips to follow so as to prevent hangnails from coming your way.

Prevent Hangnails

Prevent Hangnails

Tip # 1: Moisturize your nails

Keep your hands, fingernails and nail beds moisturized as often as you can in a day. This can help minimize dry peeling skin which can lead to hangnails. You can use cuticle oil or cream to keep your skin that surrounds the nails supple. Petroleum jelly is a good moisturizer because the fats in it can penetrate through the layers of the skin while the jelly in it can prevent the air from drying out the skin.

Tip # 2: Avoid biting your fingernails

Biting your fingernails can damage the skin that surrounds your nails which can lead to hangnails if the skin peels back. To avoid this habit you can apply nail polish having a bitter taste on your nails. A nail polish with bitter taste is specifically designed to deter nail biters.

Tip # 3: Avoid picking your cuticles

Do not pick at your cuticles. This is a habit that most women do and can be as addictive as biting the nail and causes hangnails too. Once there is cuticle that is visible, snip them off immediately with a good pair of nail scissor. Snip them while they are still short to keep them from growing long and becoming more painful.

Tip # 4: Wear gloves

When engaging in household chores especially in washing the dishes or doing the laundry or dealing with harsh chemicals, you must wear gloves. This is to protect your hands from soap and other chemicals that can dry out your skin.

Tip # 5: Use hand soap which contains lotion

Soft soap with aloe vera for extra skin care is an example of hand soap with a lotion which can be gentle on your fingers and can’t dry up your skin. Alternatively, you can also apply Vaseline on fingernails and its surrounding skin especially before you head to deep slumber. During sleep the Vaseline lotion conditions your skin and helps repair damage skin.

Tip # 6: Use natural ingredients or concoctions.

Use a natural element that can heal hangnails quickly. Drop vitamin E oil on nail beds after they are freshly clipped. This is one good way to prevent hangnails from appearing.

Tip # 7: Avoid acetone-based nail polish remover

Do not use an acetone-based nail polish remover. This element is known to result to problems since it dries out both hand and nails. This makes you highly susceptible to hangnails.

Tip # 8: Push your cuticles and have manicures regularly

Make sure to push back your cuticles with an orange stick or cuticle tool regularly. Have your manicures as well to make your nails appear neat always at all sides and angles.

These are eight practical tips you can make use of if you want to prevent hanging nails from bothering you. Imagine how thrifty all these options are and you will surely try them.

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