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How to Fix a Hangnail Using 4 Essential Steps

Hangnails are common problems to some people but can be fixed easily. You have to treat them right away before they can get infected and cause serious problems. They are not actually nails hanging but pieces of dead and dried cuticle skin. Keeping your cuticles well moisturized will keep you from experiencing this kind of problem. Hangnails can be painful because they often catch on papers and clothes. Here is how you may fix a hangnail easily by just following these easy steps. Start when you prepare all the things you’ll need such as; moisturizer, cuticle remover, nail clippers.

Step #1: Prepare your nails.

Fix a Hangnail First, you need to wash your hands with warm soapy water. Trim the hangnails off close, or as close to your fingers as you can, using nail clippers. Make sure not to rip or pull the hangnail. Then moisturize your hands using a good hand moisturizer. Rub a cuticle softener to prevent further hangnails.

Step #2: Get a nail scissor.

Another way is to always trim the hangnail off with small nail scissors or nail clippers close to your skin as possible. Apply small amount of antiseptic or anti biotic cream, followed by cuticle oil and rub it into your hands and cuticles. Put a bandage into your hangnail to allow it to heal, especially if it became so deep and painful. And keep applying antibiotic cream until it heals.

Step #3: Use your manicure set.

If you are prone to suffering from hangnails frequently, it is advisable that you keep a mini manicure set handy with items such as nail clippers, manicure scissors and hand cream. You should also keep bandages in your drawers or purse.

Step #4: Prevent it from bothering you.

Hangnails are dry cuticles. The most effective way to prevent this is by keeping your hands moisturized especially after using cleaning chemicals without gloves such as detergent soaps or dishwashing liquids. Moisturize your hands with petroleum jelly, olive oil, Vitamin E oil or cuticle cream to prevent hang nails, especially during the winter and summer season. Drinking plenty of water can help too, since adequate hydration will help the body moisturize from the inside.


When you have hangnails, the first thing that comes into your mind is to bite it off or tear it. But that is not the best way to treat the problem, because by doing this, you can tear off the surrounding skin which could result to small injury and often times painful. The proper way is to clip it using a small and sharp manicure scissor. It is also best to soak your hands first in warm water before clipping to soften the skin. When removing hangnails, you should clip off the dead cuticles as close to skin without cutting the healthy cuticle. Cuticles are the living skin around the fingernails.

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