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How to Grow Strong Long Nails with 7 Easy-to-Follow Tips

Have you ever wondered why you have brittle nails or why they split so easily? Or do you have problems of growing out your nails quickly? What you need to do is to have proper nutrition and proper nail care. This way you can grow your nails fast without going to the salon and spending quite amount of money. As long as you have your complete nail supplies and a good diet, you can have that professional nail look all by yourself. Also, you should follow the tips on how to grow strong long nails.

Tip #1: Gather your nail supplies.

You must have complete proper nail supplies, a nail strengthener and a nail hardener. You can purchase cheap nail files, clippers and nail polish/remover at your local drugstore.

Tip #2: Have your own manicure.

Grow Strong Long Nails Having your own manicure can be cheaper than going to a nail salon for your nails. First, file down your nails, be sure to get rid of hangnails then use quality nail products to bring back the health of your nails.

Tip #3: Use a nail hardener and strengthener.

You can use Nutra Nail Maximum Hardener since this contains silk/nylon fibers. Apply it on clean dry nails every other day. Nutra Nail Maximum Strengthener is also a good nail product that is good for nails that do not grow easily and quickly. This nail strengthener bonds the weak nail layers together. It works best when applied to clean dry nails every other night.

Tip #4: Massage your nails.

Massaging your nails and rubbing them for about 5 minutes daily will help stimulate nail growth at a faster rate. This is because of the human growth hormone which the body naturally produces to restore and repair both cells and muscles. One way to activate HGH is through massage in order to stimulate growth.

Tip #5: Include the right food in your diet.

Include foods that are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium in your diet because this can help nails in growing healthy. Brittle nails that break easily are attributed to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. These minerals are found in milk that enhances strong bones, nails and teeth. Also increase your Vitamin A and protein intake. Proteins are the building blocks that repair damaged cells in the nails.

Tip #6: Supplement your nails with some minerals.

You also need to increase your intake of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids as the lack of these minerals can lead to brittle as well as hangnails. Split nails can also be easily remedied trough drinking more water and natural fruit juices and through eating more raw and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tip #7: Do some important things.

Have an emery board and a nail polish, and of course you need extra time to take care of your nails. Keep the edges of your nails rounded to prevent them from snagging and tearing. Use any nail product of Sally Hansen from clear to color nail polish because they contain nail strengthener that keep your nails tough. Trim or push back your cuticles, and trim any split nail then file them at least once a week.  Remove old nail polish and apply a clear one and sometimes let them free from nail polish for a week in between to avoid nail discoloration. These simple steps can help you get your nails where you want them.

These are tips that will guarantee not only long nails but that you will grow strong nails at that. Make sure you abide by these simple guidelines.

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