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How to Grow Strong Beautiful Nails – 10 Tips to Flaunt those Beautiful Nails

Although some women are lucky to have strong beautiful nails, others are not. They have weak nails that can be broken and chipping. Strong beautiful fingernails are nice to look at and are signs of good health. Nails are hardened skin cells that protect and support the tissue found in our fingers and toes. This is according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Follow the tips of good nail care practices to grow strong beautiful nails.

Grow Strong Beautiful Nails

Grow Strong Beautiful Nails

Tip # 1: Moisturize

Massage a moisturizer on your hands and feet which includes your nails. Since nails are skin cells, they do need moisturizer as other skin surfaces do.

Tip # 2: Protect Your Hands

Always use rubber gloves when doing the laundry, washing dishes and gardening. If gloves are not available, dry your nails thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungus under the nails. Do the same with the toenails to prevent the growth of microorganisms under them.

Tip # 3: Cut Your Nails Properly

Cut your nails with scissors or nail clippers. Don’t be a nail biter because biting the nails can damage the nail bed. It can also cause small cuts which might become infected.

Tip # 4: Trim Nails Regularly

Have your nails trimmed regularly. Cut them straight across or round the edges using the emery board. Rounding the tips of the nails can strengthen them while filing the nails into points can cause the nails to weaken. This is according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Have your nails trimmed and keep them short of the same length until they become hard and strong. This is to prevent them from chipping and breaking.

Tip # 5: Apply Nail Strengthener When Necessary

If your nails break easily, apply a nail strengthener and growth formula product. You can apply a thin coat to the nails everyday while growing out nails. Put nail strengthener and growth formula on to the nails before and after applying nail polish for added strength.

Tip # 6: Soak Hands In Warm Water

Soak your hands in warm water before cleaning your nails. Use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles. If the cuticles grow too far over the nails, you need to push them back so that the nails will receive enough oxygen for them to grow.

Tip # 7: Use a Nail Hardener or Nail Polish

Apply 2 coats of nail hardener at least for at least twice a week. You can apply nail polish if you wish to. Use a nail polish and a nail polish remover that has hardener in it.

Tip # 8: Try Gelatin and Other Vitamins

Try to eat gelatin which is clear and flavorless. You can eat this daily to grow strong nails. This can harden nails too. There are also vitamins for nail health. You can try taking them also.

Tip # 9: Know Some Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid using your nails as tools like in scraping a price tag or in opening a tape box. This will break your nails.

Tip # 10: Visit Your Doctor

Visit your doctor if your nails change their colors. Heart disease will cause your nails to turn into red, diabetes into yellow and a liver disease can turn your nails into an abnormally white color.

These ten tips, when followed properly, will work a long way when you want to grow strong beautiful nails. Follow the instructions and you will see healthy, pinkish glowing nails in no time.

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