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How to Grow Long Fingernails

Many women wish to grow their fingernails long as this is a symbol of beauty and vitality. But some fail to maintain the length of their nails. Sometimes their nails break or tear apart before reaching a long length. Genetics is one cause of it and others are lack of cleanliness, accumulation of dirt and wrong diet. So as to grow your nails long and healthy, strong and beautiful, give them enough care. Follow the tips given in this article and you will then grow long fingernails that are at the same time healthy and beautiful.

Tip #1: Work from the inside.

Grow Long Fingernails The first thing you should do is to start from the inside. You need to check your diet and overall health first. If you want to have long fingernails, eat a healthy well balanced diet and take a multivitamin every day. This will make your nails grow stronger.

Tip #2: Take care of your nails.

Do not abuse your nails. Applying lots of nail polish always and the use of artificial nails can harm your nail bed. Nails need to be free from any additives for some time for them to breathe. If you want your nails look shine, you can use a buffer to buff your nails so that they shine naturally. Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes, doing the laundry or other cleaning activities because chemicals such as detergents and paints can make your nails dry.

Tip #3: Don’t do nail biting.

Do not bite your nails because if you do so, you cannot grow your nails long. There are several products in the market like Thum and Bite ender which are designed to make your fingernails taste bad so you won’t ever try to bite them again.

Tip #4: Do not make your nails your tools.

Do not use your nail as tools like in peeling off tags and stickers, opening bottles and containers or in dialing a phone. These habits will definitely destroy a nail.

Tip #5: Keep your nails clean.

Always keep your nails clean and free of dirt. Wash your hands just after gardening or other similar activities that tend to accumulate dirt under the nails. Use clear water to remove dirt.

Tip #6: Cuticle care is important.

Take care of your cuticles. They act as bacterial barrier for the nails and prevent the bacteria from entering to the nail matrix where new nails regenerate. Use cuticle creams regularly to protect them.

Tip #7: Soak your hands when necessary.

If you have overgrown cuticles, soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the cuticles. After which you should clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clear the dead cells and debris which accumulated in the cuticles. These dead cells and debris prevent growth of nails. Push the cuticles gently afterwards with a cuticle pusher before applying a hand moisturizer. Don’t forget to include moisturizing your nails every time you wash your hands.

Tip #8: Don’t bite hangnails.

Don’t ever bite your hangnails. If they have overgrown, clip them with small scissors and never pill them off.

Tip #9: Care for your weak nails.

For brittle nails, soak them first in warm water for five minutes before trimming them. Brittle nails can break quickly so don’t forget to moisturize them so you can grow them long.

These nine tips will make sure you will no longer have problems once you plan to grow fingernails longer. You should abide by these rules to maintain that type of length you want for your nails.

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