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How To Grow Your Fingernails Faster – 7 Ways that Easily Make Your Fingernails Grow Faster

Beautiful and long fingernails leave a beautiful impression to anybody. Some people naturally have hard nails making them easy to grow their nails long. Fingernails usually grow about 1/8 of an inch per month. Slow growth may be the cause of splitting, breaking, as well as poor nail care and poor diet. People with thin and frail nails make it impossible to make nails grow long because their nails break easily. This problem can be corrected anyway with proper diet, nail care and the use of nail products that can make nails grow strong. In just a few weeks you can grow your fingernails faster using the following tips:

Grow Your Fingernails Faster

Grow Your Fingernails Faster

Tip 1 – Proteins are Essential

For all you know, nails are made of protein fibers, therefore it is necessary to include meats and vegetable in your diet. Examples of this are tuna, tofu and beans. Milk and cheese can also be added to your diet.

Tip 2 – Vitamins and Minerals Can Help

Some vitamins and minerals are helpful to your health and nails. Take a lot of vitamin C and E including Biotin. Biotin has proven to enhance both the hair and nail’s growth. It promotes healthy nail growth by acting at the base of the nail called the nail matrix where nail growth begins. You can buy a bottle of biotin and try in within a month and find out the result. Niacin and Vitamin B6 are both contributors of cell growth also.

Tip 3 – Massage Nails with Lemon

Using lemon to massage your nails can improve blood circulation which causes to deliver more oxygen to your nails. You can even add almond or jojoba oil for faster development. Both oils are proven to be effective for nail growth and have been used for centuries already.  One thing about lemon is that it is easily available and is an instant Vitamin C for your nails.

Tip 4 – Improve Metabolic Rate

Have you noticed that babies’ fingernails are often trimmed and their nails grow very fast than adults do? This is because babies have faster metabolic rate than adults. It is therefore advisable to increase your metabolic rate to have your nails grow faster. How? Have work out and get on moving. You can jog or you can run to speed up your metabolism thus causing your skin cells to grow. This will also make fingernails grow faster.

Tip 5 – Drink Water

Try to drink a lot of water every day to keep your body hydrated at all times. This can help increase your metabolic rate and grow fingernails fast.

Tip 6 – Run Some Tests

You need to go to a doctor for simple tests, maybe a blood test for example. It is important that you know how healthy you are because there are some disease that can hinder nail growth. These conditions include anemia, thyroid disease and kidney disease to name a few.

Tip 7 – Have Manicures

Frequent manicures are said to stimulate nail growth. The pushing of cuticles back in a manicure can stimulate new growth of nails. Just do the pushing gently and never cut cuticles because this can kill the root causing the nail to die.

These are tips that will make fingernails grow faster. You should be mindful about everything contained herein if you do not want to suffer the consequences.

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