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How to Paint a French Toenail

The French pedicure, with its clean and simple style, gives the toes a well-groomed look and a youthful appearance. French toenails suit any occasion and they look great especially when you wear open-toed shoes or sandals. Going to the salon for a French toenail can cost you more especially if you have nails that quickly grow and need to be trimmed frequently. It is better that you buy your painting materials so that you can do your own French toenails for months. Here is how you can paint a French toenail.

Step #1: Prepare your materials.

Paint a French Toenail You need the following in painting a French toenail such as sponge toe separators, bonder basecoat, opaque white enamel, sheer beige nail enamel, #2 flat paint brush, a clear or a pink tinted topcoat and a nail correction pen. Before you begin, your toenails must be clean, dry, filed and buffed with the cuticles being well trimmed and hanging skin should be removed. Use rubberized bonder basecoats.

Step #2: Apply the first coat.

Place the teeth of the sponge toe separators between each toe, putting the concave edge between the big and first toe. Apply one coat of bonder basecoat on each nail. Be sure to cover the entire nail including the edge of the tip. Let the base coat dry completely. The best way to apply a full nail coat of enamel is brushing it from the cuticle going to the tip.

Step #3: Use the beige enamel.

Next is you have to apply 1-2 thin coats of a sheer beige nail enamel onto each toenail. Allow the coats to dry before proceeding to the next step. Shake your nail enamel gently before applying to your nails because shaking the nail enamel vigorously causes air bubbles. The more layers of enamel you apply, the longer it will take to dry.

Step #4: Paint the tips.

Use an opaque white nail enamel to paint the tips of your toenails using a flat #2 paint brush or you can use the brush that comes with the bottle. Apply thin layer only working from side to side in one even stroke. You must follow but not crossing your toenail’s natural tip line. Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second one if it is needed. Because of the white tip, a longer toenail is recommended since French pedicures look best on toenails that extend past the quick by of at least 1/8 inch. You can use disposable adhesive guides if you have hard time painting an even, white tip.

Step #5: Use pink nail polish.

Lastly, apply one or two coats of either clear or pink topcoat to finish your French Toenails. Remove any nail enamel that you have brushed accidentally onto your skin with the use of a nail correction pen. As soon as you’re your toenails have dried completely, you are now ready to remove the sponge separators.

Toenails look more attractive with French pedicure if their edges are squared with slightly rounded corner tips. This shape also prevents the toenails from snagging stockings. Furthermore, you must avoid applying the nail enamel in thick layers because this can leave air bubbles and takes longer to dry.

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