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How to Paint a Fast French Pedicure – 5 Easy Steps to Do This Pedicure Professionally

A French pedicure is a stylish easy-to-do kind of pedicure. Your toenails look professionally groomed and polished with this kind of pedicure. Once you learn the techniques of doing one, you’ll never need to go to the salon and pay for the paint job on your toenails. Continue reading this article and you will learn how fast and easy to get this professional looking pedicure all by yourself.

But before we start with how to paint a fast French pedicure on your toenails, let us focus on things you’ll need to prepare in doing one. You will need soapy water, nail clippers, lotion, white painters, paint marker, clear polish and a toe separator.

Paint a Fast French Pedicure

Paint a Fast French Pedicure

Step # 1 – Preparing your feet and toes

First, have a relaxing foot treatment before undergoing with the French pedicure paint. You can soak your feet in soapy water for a while to soften your toes and toenails. Trim your toenails afterwards and buff off dead skin. You also need to apply moisturizing lotion before applying the nail polish.

Step # 2 – Prepare your toes

Before polishing, you need to prepare your toes. Separate them with a toe separator or use half of cotton balls if you don’t have any. This is to make sure that when polishing each toe, it does not come in contact with the other toes. If you use cotton balls, make sure also that it will not come in contact with the nail polish.

Step # 3 – Use a Painter’s marker for your French pedicure

Purchase a white Painter’s paint pen. You can buy one from the craft section at Wall-mart for only $2.00. Choose one with a fine tip or a medium-sized one. This depends on how wide you want your tips of French pedicure to be. This painter’s paint pen is a permanent and acrylic paint.

Some professional nail technicians make use of a white bottled paint from Wall-mart. They pour it into an airbrush machine and use to apply it. This works the same with the pen. Before using the pen, shake the pen first and press it onto a piece of paper until the paint begins to come out.

Step # 4 – Paint across the top of your toes, following the curve of the toenails

You can now start painting your toenails. Begin painting across the top of your toes following the shape of your toenails. Usually our toes have the rainbow shaped arch. Once you are done painting all your toenails on both feet, allow the paint to dry for a few minutes and repeat the procedure. Let the tips dry.

Step # 5 – Apply a clear coat

After your French pedicure tips are completely dry, you can now apply a clear coat on top of it. This is to protect the design and make it look shinier. For a longer lasting pedicure, apply a second clear coat on your toenails.

Aside from the steps in creating French pedicures, you should also remember some tips. If you make a mistake using the pen, use the polish remover to remove it and you can paint another one. For a thin white line, make use of a fine tip pen for your French pedicure. Use a medium tip paint pen if you want a thick white line.

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