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6 Tips on How to Do a Salon-Style French Pedicure Like a Pro

There are some women who are obliged to pay hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars in a year for a salon-style treatment. This is for the payment for either facials or manicures or pedicures. It’s not bad to spend some money once in a while but if you’re pressed for cash, why not do these treatments by yourself if you have the chance. One of the most daunting treatments for women is the salon-style French pedicure. It seems to be a meticulous process that appears to be a very difficult thing to do but in fact it’s the opposite. It’s easier to do than how it looks. Once you have practiced doing it and got used to it, you may never think of going to the salon again for a French pedicure. Follow these tips to learn how to do a salon-style French pedicure.Salon Style French Pedicure

Tip #1: Preparation

First, prepare the following things that you will need such as a cuticle pusher, white nail polish, clear nail polish and a scotch tape. Once you have the above materials, soak your feet with warm water to soften your cuticles. Once softened, trim your nails slightly and then push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. Pat your feet dry and after that, cut out 10 pieces of an inch long strip of scotch tape.

Tip #2: Securing your nails

Stick the cut pieces of tape onto your toenails about ¼ inches just below the tips of the nails. You have to press down on the tape to secure it firmly on your nails. This way, it will help you make a perfect straight white line when applying the nail polish.

Tip #3: Applying the white nail polish

You can now apply a coat of white nail polish onto the ends of the toes that are not covered by the tape. You can do 1-2 coats. Do not worry if the nail polish gets onto the scotch tape. It is there to protect the rest of the nail from getting the white polish on it.

Tip #4: Drying the nail polish

Now, wait for the white nail polish to dry. To achieve best results, try to wait for at least 5 minutes. It is necessary to let the white nail polish dry completely before removing the tape.

Tip #5: Removing the strips of tape

You can now remove the strips of tape from your toenails slowly and gently. You have to peel them off sideways so as to prevent the nail polish from getting ruined.

Tip #6: Applying clear nail polish

Apply 2 coats of the clear nail polish onto the entire nail and also onto the white line from the previous steps. Wait for about 3-5 minutes for the clear nail polish to dry. Now it’s done and you can now put on your cutest sandals and go around the town.

Doing French pedicures is indeed a meticulous process but is well worth every effort you exert. Try to experiment on using different colors instead of a white nail polish for a funky effect of a French pedicure. If ever you make a mistake, you can make use of Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish.

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