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How to Remove French Polish – 5 Steps to Make The Job Easy

Using a French polish style on manicure and pedicure has its own special quality. A bright white polish is painted at the tip while the entire nail including the white tip is covered with a clear or sheer polish tinted with pink. The finished look is so elegant and versatile, complementing any style of dress in any occasion. Removing French polish is so easy as long as you follow the proper way of removing it. It is just as easy as removing a regular nail polish.

Remove French Polish

Remove French Polish

Step # 1: Remove the nail polish.

Use a cotton ball with a non-acetone nail polish remover. This is best recommended since it does not dry out the nail bed or cuticles. But this requires more effort to remove the polish. However for dark polishes like brown or deep red, you need an acetone polish remover to remove the polish more easily.

Step # 2: Use an orange wood stick to remove the tip.

Fit the cotton ball over the tip of the orange wood stick. Use an old towel to prevent staining of counter tops or sinks. Use the stick to remove the French polish but be sure not to rub the cotton on the tips of your fingers.

Step # 3: Remove the polish from the base.

You can remove the polish by working the orange wood stick from the base of the nails including the cuticle going to the tip. Remove the polish off as you strike across the nail bed. Repeat this procedure onto each finger until all the polish is removed. Clean under nails using the opposite end of the orange wood stick.

Step # 4: Do some finishing touches.

Use a regular hand soap to wash your hands thoroughly and completely dry them. Massage a hand lotion or a cuticle cream into both your cuticles and nail beds. Apply lotion also onto your hands, forearms and elbows as well.

Step # 5: Consider tips that will make removing French manicures easier.

Choose a part of your house in which you feel comfortable to stay and remove French manicure. An example is a clean table. Then place a plastic over the surface of the manicure table for protection. Set up all your nail polish removal tools in a way that you are convenient with. Have a small trash can beside for you to discard the cotton balls you use to remove your French manicure. Keep also a small damp hand towel which you can use to wipe up spills and to clean your hands.

Soak half of the cotton round with nail polish remover and rub the French manicure polish off. Do it in a circular motion so as to get the most stubborn polish off quickly. Apply extra pressure while removing the tip because there are 2 or 3 layers of polish in there. After you are done with all your fingers, take the wooden cuticle pusher, cover it with a piece of cotton and dip it in the acetone nail polish remover.

These are steps that will make removing French polish even easier than you have expected. Notice that orange wood stick is so essential in the process. Of course, all other tools and tips mentioned are critical to accomplishing the task.

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