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How to Create 5 Different French Manicures

We say French manicure when the natural nail is decorated with clean white tips. It is also called French tips or French polish. The nails can have different types of French manicures such as the squared off tips, 80’s talons or the clean almond-shaped nail of the 1990’s. Recently, French manicures have undergone a makeover from the past styles. The modern French tips can now be eclectic and experimental and also look classically groomed. When you have a plan of doing French manicures at home, you can start with scrubbing your nails, having tidy cuticles and you also need to moisturize your hands. This can give you a relaxing treatment and a professional finish too. Here are some ways to create the different French manicures.

Create 5 Different French Manicures

Create 5 Different French Manicures

Tip #1: Try the Classic

Classic is the easiest type of French manicure and the most natural-looking traditional one. First, purchase a white clay-based pencil from professional salon suppliers. Run the white clay-pencil under the nail, then buff nails to a shine using a smooth, soft board like Leighton Denny’s Miracle Shine. This process is more subtle than painting the tips of the nail with white polish. You can also finish this classic French manicure by applying two coats of sheer fresh-colored varnish instead of buffing the nail.

Tip #2: Do the French Manicure with Squared Nail Tips

Large and white squared-off tips have become a trend in salons of the new millennium but it has faded off. The natural oval shape becomes popular again. To have this type of French manicure at home, first you have to shape your nails using a good quality file before applying the base coat. You can apply two coats of sheer nude color on the whole nail. Allow it to dry before applying two coats of white nail polish on the tip of the nails. Lastly, you can paint the nails with a super-glossy top coat for a lasting shine and to seal the product. This procedure is applicable for both natural and false nails.

Tip #3: Experiment on the White Tips

When choosing the right color for your nail tips, take into consideration the color of your skin. There are several white shades found in the market from pearlized ice-white to cream. If you want a more subdued look, you can have a slightly sheer formula just to brighten up tips instead of looking like an opaque, painted-on white.

Tip #4: Love the Base Color

You also need to be careful in choosing the natural shade. For a demure look, choose a color that is quite close to your natural nail which can be either pink-toned, peachy or beige. For a simple groomed look, you can have the sheer formulas and if you want to look fresh and bright, then go for the classic sheer baby-pink.

Tip #5: Make Some Decoration

You can decorate your French style manicure with a glitter top coat or embellish it with stick-on nail crystals. You can use bizarre color combinations with traditional almond-shaped nails to give a bright makeover to a classic look. If you want to have a vintage feel, make use of a dark brown-red with cream tips or mix art deco-inspired pastel colors like duck-egg blue pistachio and lemon.

The different French manicures manifest that there are indeed changes made in nail art. Try to look into all your options. There is nothing wrong with experimenting on them.

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