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How to Apply French Polish– 7 Steps to Create an Elegant Manicure

A French polish is an elegant nail design in which only the tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nail are coated sheer or glossy pink. Although a French polish did not originate from France, Jeff Pink who created the style used it on Hollywood actresses and the design is being loved in Paris. These kinds of French manicures only need a few nail supplies and a steady hand in order to make the hand nails look neat and elegant.

Apply French Polish

Apply French Polish

Before you can create a French Polish, you need to start preparing what you will need in the process. Basically, your elegant manicure needs the following: (1) nail file; (2) nail clippers; (3) nail buffer; (4) white nail polish; (5) base coat polish; (6) masking tape; (7) nail tip guides; (8) cotton swabs; (9) sheer pink nail polish; (10) glossy top coat polish; and (11) nail polish remover. Then here are steps on how to apply French polish.

Step # 1 – Preparing the Nails

Start by trimming the fingernails with nail clippers. Shape the nails with the use of a nail file then smooth the surface of the nails using the nail buffer to make the application of the nail polish easier.

Step # 2 – Cleaning of Hands

Before proceeding to the next step, you need to wash your hands to remove any dirt or oils that can prevent the nail polish from adhering properly.

Step # 3 – Applying the Base Coat

You need to apply a thin, even base coat to the fingernails and wait until it is completely dry. It should dry with a matte finish but not a glossy one.

Step # 4 – Painting the Tip of the Fingernails

Apply a white or off white nail polish on the tip of the fingernails carefully. For a better result, you can buy a nail tip guide to have an even paint on each nail tip. You can also use a thin strip of masking tape on each nail then put it in a straight line to make sure that each tip is exactly the same. This tape also serves as a guide line to keep your manicure neat.

Step # 5 – Using a Nail Polish Remover

After you are finished painting your nail tips, remove all nail guides, like the masking tape, as soon as the white polish is dry. Use a nail polish remover to wipe out any polish that is left in your fingers. Rub it out over your skin.

Step # 6 – Applying the Sheer Pink Polish

The application of a sheer pink polish is needed to complete the French manicure style. You must paint the entire nail bed with a coat of sheer pink polish to achieve that elegant look.

Step # 7 – Applying the Glossy Top Coat

Lastly, you need to apply a clear, glossy top coat on each nail to seal the French polish. This will also keep your nails from fading and chipping.

Upon reading the steps of applying a French polish manicure style, everybody can now have that neat and elegant look of a manicure.

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