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5 Tips to Follow to Paint a French Manicure without a Guide

French manicures are characterized as simple and natural looking manicure of white tips and glossy finish. Getting that natural look on your fingernails is easy using a French manicure guide. But at first it may seem difficult to follow. You may not know that those guide strips stick on crooked, fall off, or allow polish to seep underneath them. You only need a little work if you only know how to follow instructions. Here are tips on how to paint a French manicure without a guide. It all starts when you prepare the necessary things that you’ll need such as manicure set, white nail polish, nude nail color, and clear tape.

Tip #1: Choose the right colors.

Before you start, you should choose 2 complementing colors for your French manicure. Usually, nude colors or buff colors are used for the overall nail, and plain white is used to paint the tip of the nail. But you don’t need to follow the old ways of creating French manicures. You can be creative in choosing other unique colors that will suit your personality. Feel free to experiment.

Tip #2: Prepare your nails.

Paint a French Manicure without a GuideClean your nails by removing the old nail polish. Push back the cuticles and buff them to polish. Shape them using a nail file. Perform the usual cleaning of your nails before applying some colors to them. Clean your nails by scrubbing them gently using a nail brush. Clip it to even out the edges or to straighten the shape of your nails.

Tip #3: Use a clear tape.

Stick a strip of clear tape on the tip of your nails or the part you want to paint it white. Cut off small, finger width pieces of clear tape. Stick them to your nails and leave the space which is to be painted white. Leave the tip of your nails exposed for painting. Make sure that the tape is stuck thoroughly.

Tip #4: Paint your nails.

Now you can start painting your nails using white colored polish or other attractive colors. Be careful when you paint and avoid painting past the tape toward the back of your finger. To make the line as defined as possible, paint over the clear tape. Let the colored nail polish dry before removing the tape. You can test if the nail is already dry by touching slightly with the tip of your fingertips. If it is still sticky, then the nail polish is not yet dry.

Tip #5: Use white nail polish.

Another way of painting your nails without the strip is to evenly coat your nails with white nail polish. The space of the nail above the white coat should be completely coated. The white tips don’t necessarily be even. Let the nail polish dry thoroughly. To make it last longer, seal it using a colorless nail polish. Let it dry before moving your hands around.

Having clean and attractive nails is as important as taking care of your skin and one of the popular manicure styles is the French manicure. This is a very simple style of manicure but it needs expertise to get it done. There are French manicure kits sold in beauty stores, but if you want to try without the kit, you can still create a professional looking manicure even without the guide.

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