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How to Fix Split Nails – 7 Tips to Remedy a Split Nail

Most women of today and an increasing number of men do care for their nails. They can either go to the salon or stay at home and use their personal nail tools. If you have weak nails, the tendency is to have split nails. These split nails can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. This is how to fix it to bring back your confidence of having that well cared nail.

Prepare the following first, of course: nail glue; scissors or nail clippers; glue-setting product; orangewood stick; nail polish; and nail buffer. From here, you can then consider the following tips to fix broken nails such as split nails.

Fix Split Nails

Fix Split Nails

Tip # 1: Use the Glue

First, cut the opening of the nail glue at an angle using a scissor or a nail clipper. Dispense the glue; just wait until a drop of nail glue comes out of the spout. Do not press the tube.

Tip # 2: Apply the Glue

Use the rounded end of the orange stick to apply the glue over the split. Just press a small amount of glue on to the split. You can apply a glue-setting product to the split area to make the glue set faster.

Tip # 3: Use the Nail Buffer

Smooth the glue using the nail buffer in one direction across the split area. Do this procedure as soon as the second coat has dried. To finish the procedure apply a coat of nail polish on the entire nail.

Tip 4: Expose the Nail Bed

Breaking the nail is not that worse but a bad split can be painful. In some cases, there’s no way to remove it without exposing the nail bed. In such situations, there’s a simple way to fix the split nail. Just keep on reading and you will learn how to do it.

Tip 5: Keep the Nails from Snagging.

We know that our nails can’t heal themselves. Therefore you must keep the split nail from snagging while it grows out. Try to keep the broken nail to be as intact as possible if you don’t want going around with a Band-Aid. Here are the things you need: nail clippers; nail file; scissors; clear nail polish; one empty tea bag or coffee filter; and colored nail polish (optional).

Tip 6: File the Nail

Clip the broken nail as close as to the tip of the finger as possible. File any snag gently keeping away from the split itself.

Tip # 7: Use the Teabag and the Clear Nail Polish

Cut the tea bag or the coffee filter making a small patch enough to cover the break in the nail. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to the broken nail. While it’s still sticky, gently place the small patch over the broken part of the nail. Apply 2 more coats of nail polish to cover the nails. Use a colored nail polish to cover and hide the tea bag.

Apart from the tips mentioned herein, you can also change your lifestyle if you want to learn how to fix split nails naturally. Diets have an effect to the health of our nails. Take vitamins that contain biotin for a stronger and healthier nails. Moisturize your nails and your cuticles using a product that contains lactic acid or phospholipids. This will prevent it from cracking.

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