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How to Fix a Broken Finger Nail Fast – Steps in Using Toilet Paper and Tea Bag to Fix Broken Nails

Nobody wants a broken nail. This is so displeasing and causes some hassle too. This can truly ruin a hand with long beautiful nails only to find out that there is one broken nail in one of your fingers. Anyway, fixing a broken nail may sound difficult but the truth is it is not. Since there are many ways to fix it, you can find one that seems to be the easiest thing to do. Keep on going with this article to learn how to easily repair that broken finger nail. Fix a broken fingernail fast using toilet paper or tea bag.

Fix a Broken Finger Nail Fast

Fix a Broken Finger Nail Fast

Steps in Using Toilet Paper to Fix a Broken Fingernail Fast

Step # 1: Prepare a toilet paper together with nail glue or crazy glue, a nail file, a nail clear polish or you can choose you a color one if you want and the last thing you need is a toothpick.

Step # 2: Dry your hands thoroughly after washing them well. This is to remove any left particles on your damaged nails.

Step # 3: Measure the broken part and tear a tiny piece of the toilet paper enough to cover the broken part and a little extra to secure it. If you want to encircle the break then you can do it. Just cut the toilet paper you may need.

Step # 4: Once you have cut the size of the toilet paper you need, set it aside first and have the broken nail glued together. File the nail to smooth once it is dry then apply a second coat of the glue. Now get the piece of the toilet paper and lay on top. Let it soak to a clear color. If you need any adjusting, let the toothpick do it for you. Allow it to dry before applying another coat of glue then dry again.

Step # 5: After the glue has dried down, file and shape the nail before applying a clear top coat or a nail color of your favorite polish for the finishing touch.

Steps in Using a Tea Bag to Fix Broken Nails

Step # 1: Clean your broken nail and trim it if necessary. Make it a little bit short so as to prevent the nail from becoming brittle and fragile.


Step # 2:  Prepare all the materials needed to fix the broken nail especially the tea bag, a soft nail file, nail glue, nail strengthener and a pair of scissors.

Step # 3: Use a soft nail file to smooth the edges of the broken nail. Buffer the surface to make it a bit rougher for better adhesion of the nail glue.

Step # 4: Cut a small piece of the tea bag to cover the broken part and until it blankets the rest of your nail. Apply glue to where you are going to put the tea bag. Press the tea bag gently onto the glue then allow it to dry. Be sure that the tea bag is smoothly attached to the nail.

Step # 5: You can put your hands with the newly repaired nail in the freezer for at least 2 minutes to easily dry the glue.

There are two things you can make use of when fixing a broken nail. These are toilet paper and tea bags. You have to follow the steps accordingly as well.


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