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How to Remove Fake Nails Using the Best Technique

The use of fake nails or acrylic nails in women looks great and this is also a good solution for those who have problems with nail biting, weak nails or those who take time to grow their nails. Fake fingernails and fingernail extensions can be easily removed. You only need a little patience and a bit of effort to do it. You can remove these fake nails at home without the need of going to the salon. These acrylics, tips, ultra-violet gel coatings, fiber and silk wraps can be removed through soaking in acetone nail polish remover, cutting and filing. Just take your time doing it with the following steps and you will successfully remove them without damaging your nail beds.

Remove Fake Nails

Remove Fake Nails

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

You will need a table, old towels, newspaper, garbage bags, nail clippers, bowl, acetone nail polish remover and petroleum jelly. You will also need a hand wash, nail buffer and a hand cream.

Step 2: Sit at a table

First cover the table with an old towel or just a garbage bag and sheets of newspaper that will serve as a protection when there are spills. Spread out the materials just in front of you for easy reach.

Step 3: Remove Polish and UV Coatings

Remove your old nail polish using cotton and nail polish remover. If there is any gel or ultra-violet gloss coat over the fake nails, you have to file it off first to speed the soaking process. Hold the nail file parallel to the nail bed then gently thin or file off the hard, glossy layer. Avoid filing down the acrylic layer or near your natural nail so as not to damage your nail bed.

Step 4: Cut and File Down Length

Cut off the length of the nail using a nail clipper and remove any sharp or rough-cut edges with an emery board or a nail file. Reducing the length of the fake nails can lessen the time of soaking in the acetone.

Step 5: Soak in Acetone

Pour at least 3 inches of undiluted acetone nail polish remover in a bowl that is wide enough to cover the entire nail bed of one or both of your hands. The nail polish remover will dissolve the nail glue that attaches the fake nails to your natural nail. Soak it for 15 minutes up to one hour, removing it every 10-15 minutes to rub gently or roll off any dissolving nail material.

Step 6: Use Petroleum Jelly

You can also apply a coat of petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails so as to prevent your skin from drying out as you soak your nails in the acetone. Make sure you do not put some jelly on your nails because this will prevent the glue from dissolving. Repeat the procedure until you have removed all the materials.

Step 7: Use Effort but not Force

Do not force the fake nail to come off because this is painful and the worst is it can damage your natural nail. Repeat the procedure on all your nails using the re-soaking process if needed.

Step 8: Wash your Hands Thoroughly

After everything is removed, wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. This is to remove all traces of the nail polish remover as well as the petroleum jelly. If there is any remaining glue residue on your nails, use a nail buffer to gently remove it.

Step 9: Moisturize your Hands

Allow your hands to dry before applying a thick moisturizing hand cream. This can be used to eliminate some dryness that is caused by the nail polish remover.

Removing fake nails may require time and effort. However, once you have practiced the steps above and invest in some essential tools, you can do things successfully in the comfort of your home.

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