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How to Keep Fake Nails Strong – 7 Tips to Make Sure You Have Strong Nails

Wearing fake nails is one way to hide imperfect nails. Acrylic nails are safe and usually do not harm nails. But the glue that is used to attach fake nails causes damage to natural nails. If you want to wear acrylics go to a professional nail technician. The amateur technicians might cause damage to your cuticles if they remove too much of your nail bed. To keep your fingernails healthy and strong after wearing fake ones is not that hard. Although it might take some time, you just need some basic nail information and a little extra effort. Scientists at Binghamton University in New York found out that fingernails grow 1/10-inch per month. This will require patience on your part. The tips below can help you keep fake nails strong.

Keep Fake Nails Strong

Keep Fake Nails Strong

Tip # 1: Take biotin vitamin.

According to, taking 2.5mg of biotin daily can help strengthen your nails. This will enhance damaged portions and help them grow out. Some researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute stated that 3 trials have proven that biotin—a water-soluble member of the B-vitamin family—has a positive effect on dry and brittle nails.

Tip # 2: File your nails.

File your nails and make them even with the tips of your fingers. It is best recommended to move the nail file or emery board in one direction only because moving it back and forth can break or split nails that are brittle. In one article on it is mentioned that a squared shape nail with slightly rounded tops is considered the strongest shape of nails.

Tip # 3: Soak your fingernails.

To keep your fingernails flexible and moisturized soak them in a little bit warmed bath oil. Do this procedure 2-3 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. After every soaking, wash off left bath oil residue with a mild soap.

Tip # 4: Massage cuticles.

You can stimulate blood flow and relax cuticles that can get irritated by the chemicals in fake nails through massage. Massage a small amount of cuticle cream into your cuticles every night before going to bed. This will help soothe cuticles from after effects of nail glue and nail–removing solutions.

Tip # 5: Massage hands.

Use hand cream to rub your hands and massage them after you have massaged your cuticles at night. Doing this will relax them and increases blood flow thus enhancing the production of keratin.

Tip # 6: Use dloves.

After massaging your hands and once the hand cream has been absorbed by your hands, put on thin, white gloves. This is necessary to keep the moisture on your hands and nails while asleep. This moisture is needed by the nails that have been damaged by fake nails because they tend to be very dry.

Tip # 7: Learn other tips that are essential to have strong nails.

Apply a nail hardener on your nails every night for a week. Avoid products that contain toluene or formaldehyde because the cause nails to dry.

Keeping fake nails strong is a combination of tips that you should take note of. There are many ways by which you can fulfill the task with no complains. You have been given the tips; just follow them accordingly.


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