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How to Apply Polish on Fake Nails – 3 Ways to Polish Fake Nails

While some people don’t realize that fake nails can be polished like natural nails, some people do realize it. The only problem is they don’t know how to do it and what nail polishes work with it. They are not aware also of when to file their fake nails at the same time they don’t know what nail polish remover they are going to use. Don’t take into consideration that fake nails are made of different materials compared to natural nails, that’s why they have different needs regarding nail polish. Here are tips to consider when you want to apply polish on fake nails.

Apply Polish on Fake Nails

Apply Polish on Fake Nails

Tip # 1 – Preparation of the Fake Nails

Before buying a bottle of nail polish, be sure that you have already prepared your fake nails. If you need to file the nail to make it shorter, then do it first. If they are not yet clean, you must clean them now. Do everything you must to prepare the nails for polishing. Unlike natural nails that you can clean and file after polishing, and can do some touch-ups later, fake nails can’t have the same thing. Therefore preparing the fake nails before polishing is very important.

Tip # 2 – Choosing the Nail Polish

What is good about polishing fake nails is you can use cheaper polishes therefore you can have a little savings. There are different kinds of polishes that are sold out in the market. Some say that the expensive ones are chip-free and they last longer than the cheap ones. The expensive nail polishes are recommended for the natural nails. It is because usually the nail polish lasts for 4-5 days only.

In case of the fake nails, nail polish applied to it can last 2-3 weeks regardless of the price. It doesn’t matter whether it claims to be chip-free or not. The reason why this is the case is the fact that the nail polish adheres differently to your natural nails compared to the fake nails.

Tip # 3 – Removing the Nail Polish on Fake Nails

Removing nail polish from your fake nails is as easy as you remove them from your natural nails technically. Only, you have to be cautious of the ingredients of your nail polish remover. Choose one that comes in a non-acetone formula. Acetone can break such kind of materials that fake nails are made of. This may cause them to dissolve and breakdown as well. It can even possibly cause a kind of infection on the nail bed. You have to know more about this fact and the effects it can bring.

Now that you know the proper way of applying polish on fake nails, why don’t you try to start using them? Isn’t it that it is very easy to take good care of them knowing that they can be easily polished? Buy one now and experience having that good looking grown up nails that has been manicured nicely and beautifully even when what you actually did is polish fake nails.

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