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How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly – 3 Things You Should Know to Dry Your Nail Polish Easily and Quickly

If you are in a hurry, you want everything to be done as fast as possible. One of the things you want to be accomplished quickly is having your manicured nails to dry up eventually. Some people advice you to speed up the setting of your nail polish by cooling the hand instead of warming it up. You can put an ice cube or two and splash it onto the water to cool the water down. Then you can simply put your nails in the water and let it stay for half a minute and you’ll find out that your nail polish dries up.

In the market, there are several products that you can purchase to quickly dry you nail polish. The question is: Do they really work? Maybe you also have tried running out the door waving your hands only to get your nail polish dried up or you have blown on your fingers to speed up the drying of your nail polish? Well, it’s time to know the three great tips to dry your nail polish quickly and easily. You may need the following: (1) hair dryer; (2) nail polish dryer; and (3) quick drying top coat.

Dry Nail Polish Quickly

Dry Nail Polish Quickly

Tip # 1 – The Use of a Hair Dryer

Get your hair dryer and set it on a cool setting. Use the low power setting to dry your nail polish quickly. Remember your purpose is to dry your nail and not to blow your fingers. Be very careful not to smear the nail polish on to the fingers you are using in holding the hair dryer.

Tip # 2 – The Use of Nail Polish Dryer

Purchase a battery-operated nail polish dryer. This can dry your nails quickly. Some type can be used on both fingers and toes but the price differs greatly. Some are very practical and expensive but both can do the job as well. The basic nail polish dryer is almost the same and works similarly as the hot air dryers found in public toilets. Just simply place your newly polished fingernails or toenails into it and they can quickly dry your nails. Some dryers make use of UV rays in drying your nails but they cost more expensive than their air blowing counterparts. It’s for you to choose which one you want to buy depending on what makes you convenient.

Tip # 3 – The Use of Quick Drying Top Coat

A quick drying top coat can be bought in the market. You can use this one after you have finished your nail polish. In order to have a beautiful looking manicured nails, apply first a base coat on your clean and dry nails. Wait for the base coat to dry before painting your nails of your desired color nail polish. Let the first coating dry before you apply the second coating. The desired color will show up during the second coating. To have your nails dry quickly, apply a quick dry top coat on each nail.

Remember to follow the manufacturers’ instructions as indicated outside the label of every product you are going to use to dry nail polish quickly. Give special attention to any warnings as mentioned in them.

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