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How to Use Nail Dotting Tools – 4 Tips to Make Sure You Use Them Like Professionals

Plain nail color is good but looking at them always can become boring. Polka dots on your manicure and pedicure can add glamour to your fingernails. You can even use different colors that match with your outfit while making them. You can make this polka dots design using nail dotting tools or any common items found in your home. Making polka dot design needs a steady hand but it will be worth your effort after you have created that pretty nail design. Here are simple tips that will help you with the process.

Use Nail Dotting Tools

Use Nail Dotting Tools

Tip 1: Tips in Using the Tiny Nail Art Dotting Brush

These nail dotting brushes usually have very fine points and a rounded brush tip. They can be used in creating polka dot design on your nails. You can even use multiple nail colors when using the dotting brush. You can create perfect dots and flowers using constant practice only.

Tip 2: Tips in Using Nail Art Marbling Tool

The nail art marbling tool gives precise art work using just a simple dotting motion on your nails. It also allows you to dot your nails with less effort and with little mess. To use this marbling tool, just dip the tip of the tool on the nail color you want to use and tap the tip onto you nail gently. Let the nail colors dry completely before completing the design by applying a clear top coat.

Tip 3: Tips in Using Toothpicks as Nail Technician Tools

You can use a toothpick instead of the nail art tool if you don’t have any. You can use them in creating dotted nails. Just dip the tip of the toothpick on the nail color you are going to use and apply them wherever you want dots. Once the dots are dry, apply top clear coat to seal the nails.

Tip 4: Tips in Using Tiny Flower Dotted Nail Art

It is easy to create a flower design on your fingernails. Just dip any of the dotting tools whether the brush, marbling tool or toothpick to the nail color you choose for the flower. Make one dot at the center of your nail. Clean off the nail art tool and dip again on the colored nail polish you choose as the color of the flower petals. Repeat the procedure on your other nails until all of them are designed with flowers. Let the flower dry before applying a clear top coat to finish it.

You can buy nail art dotting tools at a nail or beauty supply store if you always want to have a dotted design on your nails. This kind of tool has one end that can be used to create dots while the other end has a fine bristled brush used to create intricate designs. Apply a base coat on your nail first before making the dot design and be sure that the colors of the dots match with the color of your base coat. You will be surprised at what you have created after using this tool.

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