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Creative Dot Nail Designs – 6 Tips on How to Make Dotted Nail Art

There are a lot of nail art designs that you can choose from. You can see some flower designs or polka dots on many nails. Maybe you don’t have any clue on how to do all of these. It’s really very easy but seems to be complicated. It only requires around 15 minutes of your time to finish creative dot nail designs. Add to that, you have many options on how to create one depending on your mood.Dot Nail Designs

Tip #1: Look at your nail polish color options.

Pick at least two to three colors of nail polish. One color for the main coat and the other two colors nail polish for the dots.

Tip #2: Look at your main coat color options as well.

Get a toothpick. Pick the color of your choice for the main coat and apply it onto your nails.

Tip #3: Create the dots.

Let the main coat dry before applying the dots. Once it is dry, dunk one end of the toothpick in the nail polish you are going to use for the dots. Dab it in dots all over your nails. If you picked two color nail polishes for the dots use color #1 on the half of your nails and color #2 for the other half.

Tip #4: Remember important tips to finish your dotted nail art.

After applying enough dots on your nails, apply clear polish to keep it longer. Remember to have nail polish remover around in case you mess up.

Tip #5: Try the Star Dot Nail Art design.

The Star Dot Nail Art Design is one of the leading names in the nail fashion industry. It develops and manufactures some of the most professional-grade and high quality nail art and nail design products, supplies, tools and accessories. Star Dot Nail Art is well known for its cutting-edge technology and being the creative team of nail fashion experts, it also offers some of the finest solutions for nail care, nail art and nail designs.

Tip#6: Create the Star Dot Nail Art with tiny rhinestones and gems and tiny star shaped designs.

This creative dot nail art design can be used in several mixes and matches so as to create a trendy and elegant nail art design. The simple star nail art designs can be applied also using soak-off gel and star nail art brushes.  Star Dot Nail art kits offer one of the easiest and fastest ways of creating dazzling and stunning nail designs that can be used right at your homes. Magnetic Star Nail Arts, Rock Star Nail Art Designs, Professional Little Star Nail Arts and Metallic Blue Star Dot Nail designs are some of the other popular choices for creative dot nail art designs.

Creating dotted nail art is indeed fun although it may require trial and error before you make a perfect masterpiece. You also have a lot of choices allowing you to make nail designs that suit your mood. Explore all your options and have fun doing them.

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