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How to Make a Moisturizing Cuticle Treatment – 7 Easy Steps to Make a Good Moisturizer for the Cuticles

You can even make your own cuticle moisturizer to save money. Another advantage of using a homemade one is that it is gentler to use and healthier for the skin since there is no chemical that has been used. It is recommended to use the moisturizing cuticle treatment two to three times a week or more as needed by the damage or dry cuticles. Here are the easy steps on how to make your own moisturizing cuticle treatment.

Make a Moisturizing Cuticle Treatment

Make a Moisturizing Cuticle Treatment

Step # 1: You have to prepare the following ingredients.

You will need these to make a perfect cuticle treatment: 1 tbsp Beeswax; 1 tbsp Shea Butter; 1 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil; Vitamin E Oil Capsule; and 5 drops of lemon Oil.

Step # 2: Prepare the beeswax.

The first thing you have to do after gathering all your materials is to grate or chop the beeswax. As soon as you have cut the beeswax into pieces, put the wax into the pan. Use a medium fire to slowly melt the beeswax as you constantly stir it.

Step # 3: Add almond and Shea butter to the beeswax.

Once you have seen that the wax is completely smooth then you can add a tablespoon of almond oil and one tablespoon Shea butter. Continue stirring until the butter melts.

Step # 4: Mix the ingredients.

Warm the mixture over low heat as you continue stirring the ingredients altogether and gently. As soon as the beeswax has fully melted, and the mixture is thoroughly combined, remove the pan from the fire.

Step # 5: Work with the vitamin E and Lemon oil.

Put Vitamin E oil when the mixture has become thick. You can get the Vitamin E oil from a Vitamin E capsule. One capsule is enough. After this you can pour in 5 drops of lemon oil and stir together gently. Let the mixture cool.

Step # 6: Place the mixture in a container:

Get a clean small jar or small cosmetic jar and make sure this jar is dry and has an airtight cap. Once the mixture cools down or has reached room temperature, pour it all in the jar and cover it tightly. Put the container in the fridge and once it becomes cold, the mixture turn into cream.

Step # 7: Enjoy your own cuticle treatment.

The cream is now ready for use. All you have to do is dip a Q-tip in the cream and apply it to all your cuticles. For a better result, massage the cream onto your nails.

Isn’t it that the procedure is very easy and you can perform it any time of the day? It does not even take; all you need is around thirty minutes of your time. Just make sure, you use the right amount of each ingredient and remember to store the mixture in the fridge in between each use. That way, you can enjoy your moisturizing cuticle treatments.

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