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6 Steps on How to Make Cuticle Balm

Problems with cuticles are unavoidable so if you do have some, just massage a thick, creamy balm into your cuticles to restore them. Regular moisturizing of your cuticles can help prevent dryness and tearing. It can also heal torn cuticles. Instead of buying a moisturizing cream though, you can create your own to save money. Make your own cuticle balm with a few ingredients and a double boiler. You can customize your cuticle balm by choosing the essential oils you desire then let them melt until you reach the consistency that is required. Here are some tips to make a cuticle balm of your own.

Make Cuticle Balm

Make Cuticle Balm

Step#1: Prepare the Materials

All you need to have are castor or jojoba oil, Shea butter, beeswax, 2 drops of vitamin E, 2 drops of essential oils such as sweet orange, tea tree, myrrh or lemon. You also need a double boiler and some containers.

Step#2: Use the Containers

Look for a container for you to put the cuticle balm. Jars or the containers for lip gloss will do. An old pill box can add visual appeal and can hold smaller quantities of cuticle balm.

Step #3: Mix the Ingredients

Now, measure 3 parts beeswax, 3 parts of Shea butter and 4 parts castor oil or jojoba oil. Put the beeswax on top of a double boiler until the beeswax melts. After this, gently mix in the Shea butter and the jojoba oil.

Step #4: Remove the Mixture from the Heat

You can remove the mixture from the heat after mixing them. Then add two drops of vitamin E and two drops of essential oils so that the cuticle balm has a scent. An example of a good combination is sweet orange and lemon oils or myrrh and tea tree oils.

Step #5: Allow it to Cool

Pour the mixture into the containers that you have chosen and let it cool. Check the consistency of the mixture. To make the balm softer, scrape the balm from the container and then return it to the double boiler. Let it melt and add more Shea butter. To achieve a more waxy mixture, you have to re-melt the balm and add more beeswax.

Step #6: Try These Alternatives

You need 3 tsp lanolin and 2 tbsp china clay. Wash your hands to make them clean before mixing the above ingredients together to form a paste. Apply the mixture to your cuticles but do not rinse off. Prepare ½ tsp glycerin and 2 tsp petroleum jelly. Mix the ingredients together after washing your hands. Apply mixture on cuticles but do not rinse off. Prepare 1 tsp honey, 2 tsp lemon juice and ½ cup warm water. Mix the ingredients altogether and then soak your fingers into the mixture for about 10-15 minutes. Let it dry. You can also use an olive oil or any kind of oil. Apply the oil to your cuticles. Do not rinse off.

Making cuticle treatments such as the cuticle balm will truly work if you know how to follow the steps provided herein. Give yourself some time to learn the process so that you will be successful after trying to create one.

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