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How to Remove Nail Cuticles – 5 Easy Steps to Remove Cuticles Safely

Cuticles are the thin layer of the skin at the base of the fingernails and toenails, those that protect the nail bed. The main purpose of these cuticles is to prevent paronychia – the inflammation of infection of the nail bed. According to some beauticians, pushing back the cuticles will make the nail appear longer and proper cuticle maintenance prevents hangnails. So if you plan to remove your cuticles do it carefully and use the safest method to keep your nails protected.

Before proceeding to tips on how to remove nail cuticles safely, you need to prepare a couple of things. Include soap and water, nail polish remover, lotion, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher (a file or orange stick), cuticle scissors, nail cuffer and wash cloth. From here, you can remove cuticles safely.

Remove Nail Cuticles

Remove Nail Cuticles

Step # 1: Clean your nails.

First, you must clean your nails with nail polish remover and then brush your nails with a cuticle remover which contains sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. This will help soften and dissolve cuticles so there’s no need to clip away too much of the protective skin. Follow the instructions as indicated in the package especially on how long you must leave the cuticle remover on your nails. You should wash your hands well by scrubbing it with soap and water to avoid nail damage from too much exposure to the solution.

Step # 2: Use cuticle oil or lotion.

Soften the skin of fingernail beds by applying cuticle oil or lotion. Leave it for a few minutes for the nail to absorb the lotion or oil from the cuticle. Allow the nails to dry thoroughly.

Step # 3: Check if nail clipping is necessary.

Examine the cuticles and determine if they still need clipping. Using an effective cuticle remover can totally dissolve cuticles so clipping is no longer needed. If the remover only softened the cuticles, then you still need to push the cuticles back. With the use of a fingernail scraper, push back the cuticles gently. You can also make use of a cuticle pusher or orange stick. Start pushing from the base of the nail, then move around the nail including its sides. This will help raise up the excess cuticles and will let you see where to remove the cuticles without harming the nail.

Step # 4: Check for excess cuticle skin.

Clip the excess cuticle skin using the manicure scissor. Cut only that portion not including the entire cuticle as it will cause infection. To remove dead skin or dirt underneath each fingernail, use the opposite, pointed end of the cuticle remover.

Step # 5: Buff your nails.

You can now buff your nails with the nail buffer. This procedure helps remove excess natural oils to make the nail polish last longer. Do the buffing carefully to avoid chipping and splitting of nails. Wash hands so as to remove remaining oils and cuticles then dry nails thoroughly. Apply cuticle oil to let the nails dry faster and protect them from infection as well.

From the five steps mentioned on how to remove nail cuticles, you can consider all other tips that will keep the process safe. Sterilize the cuticle pusher and cuticle scissors after every use. Do not cut cuticles unless they are loose or at risk to infection. If you need to cut them, do it but not so deeply into the nail bed because this can cause infection. After cutting the cuticle, you can apply either false nails or a nail hardener to protect remaining cuticles.

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