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How to Remove Cuticles from Toenails with 8 Tips to Remember

Cuticles are very important since they protect the toes between the toenail and the nail bed. The cuticles on toes start from the bottom of the white nail tip to the base. The cuticles play a great role if you seek for healthy-looking and well manicured toes. Cutting or scraping them away is harmful to the toes and is also painful. Sometimes, they can even cause an infection if not cared properly. After the removal of excess cuticles, pamper toenails as well as the cuticle area to prevent unwanted growth and to promote healthy toenails. Here are specific tips on how to remove cuticles from toenails. Start when you prepare the things that you need such as clean towel, warm water in a pan or foot bath, cuticle remover product, cuticle trimmer or orange stick or cuticle pusher.

Tip #1: Soften your cuticles.Remove Cuticles from Toenails

Before anything else, soak your feet to soften the cuticles on your toenails. For a more relaxing foot soak, you can use a bubbling foot spa but a simple pan of warm water is equally effective. Adding a few drops of essential oil or a scented body wash is also great to clean or soothe your feet.

Tip #2: Dry your feet.

Dry your feet thoroughly with a clean towel. Remove the excess water from the toes so that the cuticle remover can penetrate to the cuticles. Drying the feet can also help your grip since you use sharp tools around the cuticle area.

Tip #3: Massage the toenails.

Massage the toenail area with a cream or gel. You can use Shea butter cream into the cuticles so that they become softer and supple then apply a cuticle remover onto your toes. Use your fingers to apply the cuticle remover since using the applicator from the bottle can introduce bacteria from your feet into the product.

Tip #4: Push your cuticles back gently.

Push the cuticles back to the nail bed firmly but gently. You can use a metal cuticle pusher or use the flattened end of an orange stick. Start at one end of the toenail going toward the cuticle line of the nail. Try to press the cuticles as far back off of the toenails without causing any pain. Push the cuticle of the orange stick until they are flush with the skin at the beginning of the toenail.

Tip #5: Use a cuticle trimmer.

With a cuticle trimmer, clip the excess skin and cuticle and snip small areas of loosened cuticle at a time. Be sure that the trimmer has cleanly cut the cuticle to avoid tearing of the skin.

Tip #6: Soak your nails again.

Soak your toes again to remove all traces of the cuticle remover product from your toes. Nail polish will not adhere to the nails if there are left residues.

Tip #7: Use a nail buffer.

Rub a nail buffer also to your cuticles and toenails so as to remove any excess cuticle skin and at the same time making your toenails well polished and looking shine. Do this procedure once a week.

Tip #8: Use nail strengthener.

Try to polish your nails with a clear nail strengthener or you can massage Vitamin E oil into the cuticles after you buff them. Doing this method every day help prevent the cuticles from growing back over the toenail.

These are tips to help you remove excess cuticles from your toenails. Also, it is very important to disinfect all your pedicure tools because if not, they can cause infection. Try to include your footbath.

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