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How to Cut Your Own Cuticles Without Getting Yourself Hurt

Caring for your own cuticles will lead to healthy and strong nails. Caring includes cutting them well since overgrown cuticles are not good to look at and it is tempting to pick and pull them at. A healthy cuticle comes hand in hand with a healthy nail. It is the cuticle that protects a growing new nail from the root of the nail bed. While cuticles need to be cared of, improper cutting can cause infection which can lead to other nail problems. Be sure to use sterilized nail instrument to cut your own cuticles and do it gently. Read the following tips on how to cut own cuticles the proper way.Cut Your Own Cuticles

Tip #1: Things to Prepare

Prepare the following materials that you will need in cutting your cuticles. The list includes nail oil or cuticle remover, rubbing alcohol, cuticle clippers and an orange stick or metal cuticle pusher.

Tip #2: Moisturize your Cuticles with Oil

You have to moisturize your cuticles with nail oil before cutting them. The nail oil and cuticle remover can be purchased at a pharmacy or a beauty store. Moisturizing your cuticles will soften them making it easier to push back overgrown cuticles which can help to assess on how long you may need to cut the cuticle.

Tip #3: Sterilize Your Instruments

Before using any of your instruments, be sure to sterilize them first. You can soak or wipe them with rubbing alcohol. After doing it, you can now push back your cuticles or cut them. Since there is a tendency to break the skin, it is necessary to clean the instruments to avoid infection. In addition to this, if you share your nail tools in the household, you can be sure that no bacteria or fungus will be transferred from one user to another.

Tip #4: Push Cuticles Gently

Use an orange stick or a metal cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles gently. You can run the orange stick or pusher down from the middle of the nail toward the cuticle from one side of the nail bed to the other side. Do it gently so as to avoid going under the cuticle which can make you break the skin. Repeat the process several times for every nail for you to push all the cuticles back.

Tip #5: Cut Cuticles

If there is any cuticle left sticking up from the nail, you can cut it using a cuticle cutter. Only, snip loose cuticle. You should not dig the cuticle cutter under your skin. Do not get rid of the cuticle because this serves as a protection to your nails. Your purpose is to clean it up so try to cut as little as possible.

Pushing the cuticle back without cutting it can prevent lots of potential problems that can arise from cutting cuticles. Infection is just one thing that may arise if you won’t cut your own cuticles properly. In addition to this, if you moisturize your cuticles regularly, they will remain soft making them easy to push back without having to cut them.

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