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7 Tips on How to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Cuticle Oil

Cuticles are the thin and hardened skin found at the Base and sides of the fingernails. These hard bands form a seal over the nails and fingers to prevent debris, fungus and bacteria from entering into the skin so as to avoid infection. Since cuticles are fragile and are sensitive to dryness, they can easily crack and this causes pain and even bleeding at the base of the fingernail. In this case, manicurists and professional nail salon owners use cuticle oil to moisturize cuticles. This has become a part of the manicuring process to keep fingernails healthy and strong. Using cuticle oil regularly to moisturize cuticles can help prevent cracking and discomfort. There are different brands of cuticle oil found in the market and they come in the form of cream, liquid and stick. Here is how you can take advantage of the benefits of cuticle oil.Benefits of Cuticle Oil

Tip #1: Have clean hand and nails

First, remove any nail polish left on your nails using a nail polish remover. Then wash your hands with warm, soapy water then rinse well and dry thoroughly making sure that both nails and cuticles are completely dry.

Tip #2: Apply the cuticle oil properly

Put a small towel on any flat surface then open the cuticle oil. Place one hand on the towel and apply 1-2 drops of the oil on your thumb using your free hand. With the use of your finger rub the oil gently into your cuticle until the oil has been absorbed onto both the cuticles and nail. Repeat this procedure with your other fingers working the oil into each finger before switching hands.

Tip #3: Avoid washing hands

Do not wash your hands for an hour or longer after applying the cuticle. Better apply it at night before bed time.

Tip #4: Know the benefits of cuticle oil

Cuticle oils are considered the most effective and quickest remedies to repair damaged cuticles. This is especially in such situations that the nail is so dry and it’s cracking and splitting.

Tip #5: Know the features of cuticle oil

Cuticle oil is usually made of various organic oils and is designed to be easily absorbed into the skin. The oils that are commonly used are flaxseed, almond, jasmine, lavender, hibiscus and honeysuckle. These oils are often fortified with citric acids and vitamins.

Tip #6: Try the easy application

To make the application of cuticle oil easier, use a brush like that of a nail polish or use a cuticle pen. This will not only make the application easier but also less messy.

Tip #7: Take some considerations into account

Cuticle oil is powerful and economical as well. You only need a small amount to experience its efficacy. It should be used sparingly as the cuticles and nails can adapt to the oils making them less potent.

Read first the instructions of the cuticle oil before using it. There are manufacturers that recommend the application of cuticle oil two times a day or two times a week. After applying the cuticle oil and it has been absorbed by the nails, wash your hands with warm water and a mild soap to remove any oil residue before the application of nail polish.

There are plenty of benefits of using cuticle oil. You can take advantage of them by taking some considerations into account.

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