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How to Easily Care for Cuticles – 6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cuticles Healthy and Good Looking

Everyone loves to take care of their nails to have beautiful long ones. But not all of them do the same with their cuticles. Cuticles are the thin piece of skin found at the base of our nails. They are considered as important components of our body because they help prevent bacteria, fungus and other debris from entering your nails so as to avoid infection. However, if we neglect our nails, it will lead to unhealthy cuticles. Follow these simple steps on how to easily care for cuticles.

Easily Care for Cuticles

Easily Care for Cuticles

Tip # 1: List of the things you need to make the cuticles healthy looking.

You will basically need a few things that will help you push through with cuticle care. Your list should include non-acetone nail polish remover, hand lotion, olive oil or hair conditioner, small bowl of warm water and dry soft cloth.

Tip # 2: Remove remaining nail polish.

To begin with, you have to remove any remaining nail polish on your nails with a non-acetone nail polish remover. Using acetone makes the nail dry and causes them to become brittle.

Tip # 3: Massage the cuticles

Massage your cuticles very well, using either an olive oil or hair conditioner whichever you have on hand. Both of them work well with your cuticles.

Tip # 4: Soak your hands on warm water.

Prepare a bowl of warm water and soak your hand for about 2-3 minutes. Soak one hand at a time or you can use a larger bowl to do the soaking at the same time with both hands. After 2-3 minutes, remove your hands from the bowl and pat dry your hands with a soft cloth which you also used in pushing your cuticles back. Do no cut your cuticles because this will cause infection.

Tip # 5: Moisturize.

Do rub some hand lotion on your hands most especially to your cuticles. While others think that moisturizing is not necessary, remember that this process will not just keep your hands smooth; it will also be good for cuticle care purposes.

Tip 6: Consider other helpful tips to keep your cuticles healthy.

Every time you wash your hands, you need to moisturize them to prevent the cuticles from drying and cracking. Cracked cuticles need to be moisturized. You can use oil with vitamin E, moisturizers that contain almond and jojoba oil which are all helpful in keeping your cuticles healthy.

In doing some household chores that can damage your nails such as washing and gardening, you can wear protective hand gloves. You can also wear these gloves at night when you are sleeping to prevent the drying out of cuticles in the evening. Furthermore, having your nails manicured will also help. Include a well-balanced nutritious diet to keep your cuticles naturally healthy as well.

A proper diet combined with proper cuticle care help protect the cuticles from inflammation and infection as well. In case fungus and bacteria had already attacked your nails, you have to see your doctor immediately. Do not ignore the problem. On top of all these, you should consider all the ways on how to easily care for cuticles as mentioned above.

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