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How to Add Palm Trees to a Beach Nail Art with 7 Crucial Steps

Putting some nail art onto the nails is one of the fashion trends of today.  Making a nail art design is not that easy. It requires a creative knowledge to make one. The good news though is you have several choices and one of them is the beach nail art. You can even add palm trees to a beach nail art using the tips below.Palm Trees to a Beach Nail Art

Step #1: Preparation

All you need are small nail art brush and a black, brown and green nail polish. Clean your nails and be sure that they are out of any debris before you proceed with the nail art. Once the nails are clean, apply any background color of your choice before doing the nail art.

Step #2: Creating the Palm Tree

Since you will paint a tiny palm tree on a tiny nail, you need to use the smallest brush possible you’ve ever got. Have the small brush wet, but make sure to dab the wetness off. Make it damp but not so damp that drops of water or the paint flops off onto the nail.

Step #3: Choosing a Palm Tree Color

Most women prepare black or brown paint to do the palm tree because it has a nice contrast with any other colors. Black has a silhouette effect while brown is used for a full color image.

Step #4: Painting the Nails with the Palm Tree

In this step, you need to be sure that your paint brush stays in a nice point but for a black color it’s hard to tell how much paint you’ve got in there. You need to do some trial and error. You’ve got to be sure also that there is no water falling from the shaft of your brush. You can try rolling your brush a little bit onto a paper towel or on the edge of your towel and allow excess water a chance to fall out.

Step #5: Putting Some Branches on the Palm Tree

You can now go ahead and begin making a straight line to do your palm trees. Put some branches or palms ferns. This only needs a nice little sweeping motion. Try to make your branches real thin if you can and be careful enough not to make them too big because if you do, you will not be able to have very much detail.

Step #6: Creating the Leaves

For the leaves of the palm tree you can either make use of black or green paint. Stroke gently the paint in small curvy lines in creating the palm fronds.

Step #7: Practice Makes Perfect

To create a perfect palm trees on a beach nail art, you can practice doing the nail art on a piece of paper. By doing this, you will know how to use your brush and how much paint you will need. You can also practice your paint strokes since you are using a very small brush. Once you are good in doing the nail art on a piece of paper, you can next do it on a false nail before actually doing the palm trees on real nails.

Following the steps in creating these nail art designs is crucial to getting the job done. You have to prepare the things you need and the surface with which you will create the beach nail art with palm trees on it. Then you also have to make the right color choice and perfect the creation.

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